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Reap the rewards of digital transformation by mitigating the cybersecurity risks.

Digital transformation and cloud migration level the playing field and help drive your business forward. You're also on a level playing field when it comes to cybersecurity. Large enterprises are no longer the prime targets, you are —

62% of cyber-attacks hit small and mid-sized businesses.

76% of security teams believe security is brought in too late to digital transformation initiatives 32% of IT professionals cite security concerns as their top challenge in navigating digital transformation globally
secure internet gateway

There's no one tool or technology that will completely protect your company from the ever-evolving array of attacks. Building a strong cybersecurity posture requires defense-in-depth with layers of security controls. Comodo Dome offers a suite of enterprise-level security capabilities to help you fully embrace the opportunities of digital transformation.

Comodo Dome

Comodo Dome is a modular suite that can be shaped to fit your requirements. And as a cloud-based solution, it's
easy to deploy and manage.

  • DNS Filtering
    DNS Filtering

    Comodo Dome Shield DNS Filtering protects users and their mobile devices from accessing malicious or inappropriate websites.

  • Secure Web Gateway
    Secure Web Gateway

    Comodo Dome Secure Web Gateway delivers a suite of security capabilities to identify and stop any kind of malicious activity from getting in from the Internet — without affecting the experience of your legitimate users.

  • Data Loss Prevention
    Data Loss Prevention

    Comodo Dome Data Loss Prevention helps you protect sensitive and confidential data while it's in motion, in use, and at rest.

  • Firewall

    Comodo Dome Firewall delivers protection for all ports and protocols and offers a host of other security features along with centralized management.

  • Antispam Gateway

    Comodo Dome Antispam provides an array of capabilities designed to prevent unwanted email from entering the network as well as unknown email threats from gaining access to the network

What people are saying about Comodo Dome

"Just knowing that we're controlling security first—instead of looking at it secondarily—is important to us. We're definitely in a better position to avoid a malware-induced breach. There's a huge comfort level knowing that Comodo is doing its job, as well as understanding the depths at which it looks at files."

-Brian Gentry, CTO/CISO at Citizens Bank of Kansas

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DNS Filtering
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Secure Web Gateway
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No hardware, no installation required

100% cloud-based, load-balanced, geo-distributed, highly available

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URL and content filtering

Category-based and black/whitelists

Domain filtering

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Traffic forwarding

Securely forward your internet traffic to Dome

DNS, agent, mobile app

Proxy, agent, ICAP, proxy chain

Category-based web filtering

Build custom web filtering categories

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Custom blacklists/whitelists

Build custom blacklist/whitelists.

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Inline advanced threat protection

Block malware sites, phishing, botnets, and all web-based attacks

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Real-time and fully customizable reporting

Create and monitor rules per user

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Multi-site and off-network/roaming-user support

Granular protection for multiple office locations and roaming users

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Custom reporting

Build custom reports

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SSL inspection

Inline inspection of encrypted traffic, threat prevention, and content filtering

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Inline antimalware and antispyware

Leverage the world's biggest malware signature base

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Inline static, behavioral, and human-based malware analysis

Block malware and analyze every inbound file at the gateway

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Patented portable containment technology

Contain every unknown file at the gateway for zero-day protection

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User-based groups

Apply policies to multiple groups

Location-based (requires agent for user-based)

Supports Active Directory, SAML, hosted database, and third-party IdP/SSO solutions

Data loss prevention

Secure sensitive data in motion, in use, or at rest; block all exfiltration attempts from all methods

Data Loss Prevention add-on

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Secure all ports and protocols


Connect networks and remote users via site-to-site and client-to-site IPSEC, SSLVPN and L2TP tunnels

Intrusion prevention system (IPS)

Block inbound intrusion attacks

Firewall add-on

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Block all spam and email-borne malware

Mail sandbox

Contain every unknown file at the perimeter for zero-day protection

Antispam add-on

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