Comodo Dome

Solving the Malware Problem at the Network Level

Malware, ransomware, phishing attacks and botnets use the internet to steal data and infect unsuspecting users. Threats flow into your network from malicious web sites or spam emails that may look legitimate at first glance. Worst of all, zero-day threats are undetectable by conventional anti-malware. Comodo Dome stops all of these threats in their tracks with a cloud-based gateway defense against internet-borne threats.

Comodo Dome internet security-as-a-service addresses malware at the network level for organizations of all sizes—protecting every user and every device at any location. It blocks malicious web sites, email senders, and files—while allowing access to the good. Optional features include firewall, DLP, and VPN, IPS, and an antispam gateway. Powerful reporting and analytics keep you informed about your security posture.

Comodo Dome uniquely solves the problem of unknown threats with revolutionary file containment and default deny technology. Comodo's approach enables users to interact freely with unknown files while the files are being assessed—without the risk of infection. Once Comodo reaches a verdict on a file, it is either deleted (bad file) or allowed outside the container (good file). This sets Comodo Dome apart from conventional anti-malware, which uses a default allow approach and struggles to stop zero-day threats. This can inhibit user productivity.

Comodo Dome ensures that the bad stays out, and the good stays in your network. It inspects all traffic—even that which is encrypted—to stop the latest malware, botnets, and advanced threats. Massively scalable cloud-based security meets the needs of even the largest organizations without compromising performance. Dome is extremely easy to use and frees you from the administrative burden of gateway security appliances.

Get Comodo Dome Shield for Free

Get started for free with Comodo Dome Shield. It's a DNS-based security service that provides the easiest way to block malicious domains and apply web policies.

Comodo Dome Key Features

  • Web Security and Filtering

    A cloud-based upstream web proxy supports Active Directory and SAML- based user authentication, ICAP and chaining. It secures all http/s traffic against inbound web threats—including botnets, fraud, and phishing attacks. Dome offers cloud-based web access policy enforcement based on 80 categories and more than 15 million URLs, including true file type blocking.

  • Advanced Threat Protection

    Dome's gateway anti-malware layer is backed by Comodo Threat Research labs to identify even the newest IOCs. C&C servers, phishing sites, fraud, drive-by downloads, TOR nodes, P2P sites, malware domains, mobile threats, XSS injected sites and all malicious sources are stopped.

  • Firewall

    A Layer 3 firewall in the cloud analyzes incoming traffic for all ports and services. Predefined services help block or allow specific port-based traffic, including schedule-based target and destination-based firewall policies. Integration with Active Directory provides user-based policies.

  • VPN

    Create site-to-site and client-to-site tunnels with ease. The Dome firewall supports IPsec, L2TP and SSL VPN, acting as a cloud-based VPN aggregator. Dome easily supports industry standards for phase 1 and IKE. Its VPN agent provides one click tunnel establishment for roaming users.

  • Data Protection

    Comodo Dome Data Protection delivers cloud-based DLP to keep sensitive data where it belongs—in the network. Dome Data Protection identifies, monitors, and protects data in use, data in motion, and data at rest through content inspection. It monitors and prevents data transmission via http, https, SMTP, USB, printers, the clipboard, CD/DVD, and screenshots—when that transmission would violate predefined policies.

  • File Containment & Sandboxing

    Cloud-based sandboxing at the gateway analyzes all incoming file traffic with a combination of behavioral and static analysis mechanisms. Portable file containment wraps all unknown files within a secure container and makes them run within a sandbox on the endpoint. Meanwhile, the file is analyzed by Valkyrie to reach a verdict on whether it is malicious.

  • Antispam

    The Comodo Dome Antispam Module is compatible with all major MTAs (Mail Transfer Agents), integrates easily into existing e-mail structures, and is scalable to thousands of users. Its uniquely intelligent filtering algorithms deliver over 99% accuracy rates on content classification and spam detection, helping it to earn a 'Premium' certification from West Coast Labs.

  • Reporting and Analytics

    Comodo Dome features a SIEM-like reporting tool for creating customized widgets and reports. This delivers insightful, in-depth visibility over your organization's security posture based upon the raw data traffic captured by Dome modules. Reports can be scheduled for custom-created intervals.

What People Are Saying About Comodo Dome

"Just knowing that we're controlling security first—instead of looking at it secondarily—is important to us. We're definitely in a better position to avoid a malware-induced breach. There's a huge comfort level knowing that Comodo is doing its job, as well as understanding the depths at which it looks at files."

- Brian Gentry

Citizens Bank of Kansas
(Using Comodo Advanced Endpoint Protection and Comodo Dome)

Powered by Comodo Valkyrie—Innovative Core Technology

Valkyrie Cloud File Analysis Platform is the revolutionary core technology that powers Comodo Dome. When an unknown file is accessed by a user, it is wrapped in a secure container until Valkyrie reaches a verdict about whether the file is malicious. File containment allows the user to open and use the file with zero risk of infection.

Valkyrie has the fastest file verdict capability in the industry and uses a combination of static, dynamic, and advanced behavioral analysis to inspect files as they are downloaded. Valkryie quickly renders a verdict about whether an unknown file is malicious—normally within 40 seconds—five times faster than our closest competitor.

In the large majority of cases, Valkyrie reaches its verdict automatically, without human intervention. Some files require an even more extensive analysis, including examination by human experts at Comodo Advanced Threat Research Labs. Comodo provides a rapid-response SLA to ensure that its cloud-based threat intelligence delivers maximum protection.

When a final verdict is reached, the file is either released from containment or deleted and blocked (blacklisted).

Valkyrie is the unique technology advantage that sets Comodo Dome apart from the competition, whose default allow approach is helpless against unknown threats.

Comodo by the Numbers

Valkyrie has massive scale. 73 billion file queries and 300 million unique unknown files are submitted annually. Valkyrie also provides a verdict for 200 million known and 1 million unknown files each day.

Comodo Dome Key Benefits

  • Blocks web and email-borne threats at the network level
  • Secures sensitive data with advanced threat protection, firewall, DLP, VPN, IPS, and more
  • Delivers maximum flexibility with modular purchasing
  • Increases end-user productivity with spam blocking and file containment
  • Relieves the administrative burden of on-site hardware appliances

Flexible purchasing options—choose the package that works for your organization

Comodo Dome offers three purchasing tiers for maximum flexibility.

Comodo Dome Shield is available free of charge and offers DNS-based blocking of known malicious web sites, plus the ability to apply web policies.

Comodo Dome Secure Web Gateway provides full-featured protection from web-borne threats, including Comodo’s unique file containment technology, signature-based malware blocking, and granular URL filtering capability.

Comodo Dome Enterprise includes additional security features as shown in the table below. The firewall (including IPS and VPN), DLP, and antispam gateway modules may be purchased together or individually to complete a solution tailored to your requirements.

  Comodo Dome Shield Comodo Dome Secure Web Gateway Comodo Dome Enterprise
Advanced Threat Protection
Web Domain Filtering
Reporting and Analytics
Granular URL Filtering  
Unknown File Containment  
Intrusion Prevention System (IPS)    
Data Loss Prevention (DLP)    
Antispam Gateway