Remove spam and malicious email traffic before it enters your network.

Hackers like weak links-you need to cover all your bases (including user productivity).

Today's hackers are incredibly sophisticated, and they have a lot of tools and techniques at their disposal. It's not enough to understand past attacks and prevent others just like them-you also need to protect against attacks you don't know about. How do you fight the unknown? Comodo Dome Antispam delivers a suite of security capabilities to identify and stop any kind of malicious activity from getting in. And it does so without affecting the experience of your legitimate users. After all, they still need to do their jobs.

Key capabilities

  • Security and usability: Users can open, execute and use email attachments as needed without the risk of infection from malicious files.
  • Granular control: Central management of user- and group-based email policies enhances security.
  • Flexible deployment: Available in hosted cloud and on-premises versions, as well as a multi-tenant cloud for MSPs.know it.

Spam accounts for upwards of 65% of all emails sent today. Keeping as much of that unwanted traffic off your network is critical both for cybersecurity and for the sanity of your end users. Comodo Dome Antispam is a threat prevention system that uses a sophisticated array of spam filters, antivirus scanners, and content analysis engines to keep spam out while letting legitimate communications in.


Comodo's patented containment technology protects against malicious attachments without sacrificing user productivity. When an attachment is opened, it runs in the Comodo container while the file is analyzed to determine whether or not it's safe. The container allows it to run just as well as it would normally, but prevents the file from accessing the host's resources or user data so it can't damage or infect the system.

Intelligent filtering

Large volumes of unwanted email create unnecessary traffic loads and make it harder for users to get to the emails that matter. Comodo Dome Antispam filters out unwanted email before it enters the network. Quarantine logs on the management console make it easy to review and take action on filtered emails.

Ease of use

Advanced search options-including search on users or text in sender, receiver, subject, and other fields-make it easy to find emails in the archive. As with quarantined emails, you can take action on archived messages.


Comodo Dome Antispam is available in multi-tenant cloud, hosted cloud, and on-premises versions.

Features Multi-Tenant Cloud
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Hosted Cloud
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On Premises
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Email archiving and quarantine
Full antispam and antivirus filtering
Set independent policies for incoming and outgoing mail
IPv6 support
SMTP IPS/firewall
Email classification
Antivirus scanning

(Comodo AV and Valkyrie integrations)

Intelligently learns and adapts to new spam techniques
Quickly analyze and compose spam signatures
User authentication

(LDAP, Active Directory, MySQL, LocalDB)

Set email attachment size limits
Multiple administrative tiers and permissions
Syslog and SNMP support
Domain keys antispoofing technology (DKIM)
Reputation network (RN)
Auto backup for remote server
Email-, IP-, or domain-based whitelist/blacklist
Banner and plugin filter
Sent email limitation based on user name and domain
Recipient control through LDAP, Active Directory, MySQL, and local databases
Identification of various connection ports based on recipient's domains
Block invalid email recipients and senders
Prevent DoS attacks
Unlimited number of admins with different authorization levels
Generate domain- and email-based policies
Redirect archived mails to another email address
Periodic quarantine report
Instant controlling of quarantined emails through management interface
Reverse DNS control
Filter sent mails
Reporting in graphical and table formats
Support directly from Comodo support teams
Portal/forums support
Multi-tenant hosting capability
Host your own cloud-based antispam
Dome Secure Web Gateway integration
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High-level overview of Comodo Dome Antispam including a list of features.

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