Cybersecurity Predictions: What Will Happen in 2019?

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Cybersecurity Predictions

At this day and age of digitalization, cyber-security predictions are challenging, as the threat landscape has rapidly evolved over the years. Cybercriminals implement new sophisticated defensive technologies to enforce nation-wide state attacks.

It makes us wonder what to expect in the coming days this year. It is certain that there would be cyber attacks with same threat methods or some types of attacks through new types of malware attack methods. However, security experts have predicted possible attacks that would create an impact on cyber-security industry for 2019.

Better Faster Stronger Ransomware -attacks have been successful in the recent times. Demanding a ransom from victims to unlock or decrypt the stolen files have helped hackers the reap their required monetary benefits. Hackers are finding new strategies and methods to introduce faster encryption of files and increased rate of infection. This certainly raises concerns to strengthen the security defence methods to overcome the possible new threats.

Cloud providers should strengthen security posture – With increased dependency on cloud infrastructure, threat makers target cloud platform with more sophistication in attack methods and techniques. There is a higher probability of cloud-based attacks to steal data and cause downtime of cloud infrastructure resulting in massive data breaches in 2019.

Possible increase in nation-wide attacks and surveillance of individuals – There is a consistent growth of cyber-attacks that target against politicians, journalists, and protestors. These types of cyber-attacks are mostly state-conducted, or state-government sponsored. These attacks can come in all sizes – with current trend of digitalization, we don’t have to create and drop bombs to destroy a country, however we would need a handful of expert hackers to do the dirty job. It is therefore certain, that all the satellites, chemical plants and nuclear plants are vulnerable targets of cyber-attacks.

Increase in phishing campaign – One of the most advanced techniques involve spear phishing campaigns that enable hackers to create backdoors and gain access to the victim’s email system and lurk around to know more about the user. The information gathered is then used to exploit and attack other users from the contact list.

Rise in cybersecurity attacks in the enterprise’ boardroom – Hackers are certain to target C-level officers and board of directors of the enterprises creating massive impact against organizations to perform data security breaches. . This would cause a decline in the company’s stock prices, affect the brand value, lower bottom line and other damages become more evident. The board members brain storm on the possibilities to mitigate such cyber risks and how they can strengthen the security posture of the organization network.

To wrap it up, hackers are opportunistic and are developing new sophisticated approaches and strategies to create new threat attacks. Companies should therefore implement new and effective security methods and secure web gateway to outplay the creepy hackers and ensure better protection to fight against them.

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