Key Program Metrics of Data Loss Prevention

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The duty of Data Loss Prevention (DLP) is to prevent sensitive data from going out of an organization. Data Loss Prevention uses a set of security controls throughout its life cycle, across all platforms to accomplish this goal. Unauthorized users will not be able to get to the confidential information accidentally or intentionally. DLP can be viewed when you search the internet for tools.

In simple words, the job of Data Loss Prevention is to prevent the user from losing data. The software packages play a major role in securing the system against data leaks and prevent unauthorized entry or use.

Know the different types of Data Loss Prevention tools offered in the market:

Endpoint Data Loss Prevention

Endpoint devices are the most vulnerable targets for data leaks today. The endpoint data loss prevention tool protects data leak from endpoints devices such as data leak from Local file shares, removable storage devices (USB’s), print services etc. Besides, it monitors and manages the use of data usage on workstations, servers and offers an extra layer of protection for mobile device users.

Network Data Loss Prevention

Networks are easy targets for hackers to spy on and steal valuable data. Network Data Loss Prevention offers full security coverage across networks. The deep packet inspection is performed across Protocols, applications, and other forms of encrypted traffic. NDLP are content aware and imply numerous set of rules and policies to control data in motion.

Storage Data Loss Prevention

Storage towers and network storage need protection. Storage Data Loss Prevention not only provides the needed protection, but it also aids in data discovery, data classification, and data de-duplication. Implements a confidential data storage policy across all devices and networks.

Cloud Data Loss Prevention

With a lot of organizations moving to the Cloud, it becomes more a necessity to offer an effective Cloud Data Loss Prevention functionality. The Cloud Data Loss Prevention offers exclusive cloud apps to protect the sensitive data residing on Cloud. The added advantage is that it can be deployed in a more quick and money-saving way.

Comodo Dome Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

With Comodo Dome Data Loss Prevention, you can easily monitor and control the movement of confidential data across your network. Comodo DLP comes with a free 30-day trial and no payment information is required to get started.

Key Capabilities of Comodo Dome Data Loss Prevention

When you discover sensitive information on the network, effectively configure policy-based actions including pass, log, archive, and quarantine. Have a clear idea of the movement of your data across the network by discovering, monitoring and controlling approach. Generate reports that are related to activity and gain useful insights on the effectiveness of policies over time and to demonstrate compliance with regulatory requirements. Strengthen compliance with PCI-DSS, HIPAA, GDPR, and other security and privacy regulations. For more insights on Comodo Dome Data Loss Prevention – DLP visit our official web page now!

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