A Single Secure Web Gateway Platform in the Cloud

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A secure Web Gateway helps to monitor and deny suspicious traffic from gaining entry or trying to exit from an organization network. This ensures that the users of the organization network are protected by terminating the user access to infected malicious traffic and websites. It entitles the users to stay compliant with the organization’s regulatory policy.
The web secure gateway can be deployed as a software or a hardware gateway at the boundaries of a network. Some of the features are URL filtering, malicious code detection, application level control and prevention of data leakage.
When a Secure Web Gateway appliance is deployed to protect the users accessing the cloud – it requires a lot of time and it is way too expensive and time consuming as well. Also the transition from on-premises to Cloud has made the web Security gateway delivered in Cloud to protect users irrespective of the location.

The cloud-based Web secure gateway has the following benefits

It protects by scanning the data when in transit to the cloud-based application.
It terminates the integration with End-Of-Life (EOL) appliance that recycles cycles once in every 3 to 5 years.
With Cloud-based Web Secure Gateway – you will always be updated on the latest security and technology.
It features web filtering, malware detections, data loss prevention when the data is transmitted to and from the cloud.
The web secure gateway best suits the current day’s multi-cloud environment. There are cloud-containerized gateways can be run even in third-party clouds like Verizon and Microsoft Azure.
It delivers pro-active detection pf even the most threatening zero-day malware
It delivers an efficient management system with a unified and centralized console to ensure readiness to all the cloud services
It is flexible to deliver protection over the cloud and ensure scalability as per the increasing demand of the user bandwidth and capacity.
When there is an increase in bandwidth, the cloud gateways ensure to scale up to support extra bandwidth and web requests.

A Cloud Based Secure Web Gateway is more competent than a traditional Secure Web Gateway

This entitles the user to take control of the website traffic and ensure complete protection all throughout the year. It entitles the IT admins to take control web browsing activities of the users to keep a track of the type of sites they visit and to check if their browsing activity is all related to work. Therefore the IT admins are notified if the users visit any other irrelevant websites. It provides maximum visibility for organizations to oversee the web traffic for possible security risks and protects the network from zero-day threats without affecting the productivity.
Secures sensitive data from exposing it through web?
It is certain, that the sensitive business data are not handled properly and are therefore exposed through web. The data can be exposed either when the employee or the user had handled it carelessly or exploited the data intentionally for fraudulent purpose. Therefore the data leakage can adversely affect your business and its revenue. The cloud-based Web secure gateway oversees the data navigation to and from the web and can terminate any unauthorized transactions instantly.

Fights and Denies the Unknown

There are some Web Secure Gateway that works based on containment technology which sets a benchmark in data protection. The web-based threats are moved to the sandboxed environment, while it does not affect the other operations and data transactions involved. The file in the containment is analysed to check if it’s a malware and is sent out if its not one. Therefore, the Web secure Gateway is effective to deny the unknown threats.
Each cloud gateway is accountable for processing a small part of the data and collaborates with the other cloud gateways to form a collection to protect the organization’s users from wherever they are connected.


To sum up, with a rise in the use of internet for our day to day business activities and therefore to protect the data over the cloud, a cloud-based web secure gateway becomes mandatory for the users to stay productive and safe.

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