What is Antispam?

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Antispam software incorporates filters, scanners, and other robust application to terminate and reduce the impact of the possible spam emails on the users. It implements different methods as some antispam use of statistical method, while others use predictive methods and some heuristics. It works on standard protocols to identify unauthorized mails from coming into the target users’ inbox.

Benefits of using Anti-spam Software

Antispam software protects the users with the following benefits

• Terminates Spam Mails
• Sandboxes Spam with Containment Technology
• Automatic updates on the spam filter
• Monitors Multiple Accounts
• Capable to alter the Whitelist of known contacts as per the users’ requirements
• Reports Spam

Terminates Spam Mails
Antispam software blocks a specific set of email addresses that are found suspicious. It also checks on the subject and body texts of the emails to confirm if its genuine or a spam.

Sandboxes Spam with Containment Technology
Antispam effectively separates the suspicious spam mails from going into the inbox folder. The spam emails are moved to an isolated environment for specific number of days and then sent to junk folder. This phase of archiving would entitle the users to retain any legitimate emails that has been isolated as spam emails

Automatic updates on the spam filter
Anti-malware software functions to update filter automatically to assist with quick and instant identification of new and unknown threats.

Monitors Multiple Accounts
It filters off the spam emails from multiple accounts simultaneously. The software creates separate filters so that there is no chaos during the filtering process between the work and personal emails.

Capable to alter the Whitelist of known contacts as per the users’ requirements
The antimalware program entitles the user to generate a record of already known contacts from where the genuine emails come. The record is updated frequently.

Reports Spam
Antispam software entitles the users to report spam and to the company supplying the application.

Spam Filtering for Enterprise

If your business is stranded with spam emails, it is important to install a spam filter. This will prevent the unwanted suspicious emails from reaching the inbox and therefore protects business from potential data breaches.

Following are the key benefits of spam filtering for enterprise email

• Protects business from viruses
• Keeping hackers away
• Time saving and increases productivity
• Maintains Business Reputation
• Tailor-made services

Do Enterprises Need Antispam Software?

Spamming which was once just annoying mails are now evolved to generate massive attacks against enterprises. Spam emails have become gateways or entry points for malware to find its way to the enterprise network. To prevent and terminate the entry of malicious emails to the enterprise network. antispam software works best to provide email security by monitoring the email servers.

How to choose best antispam for business and why Comodo Dome Anti-spam Gateway

A good antispam software should be an effective standalone, user-friendly software featuring power-packed anti-spam filters that can be adjusted by users based on their specific demands. Do a good amount of research, check on the features that each vendor provides and choose the right one that meets your business demands

Comodo Dome Antispam is one of the best antispam software for business, which is a treasure trove of features required to protect the enterprise network from malware-borne emails which comes as an independent flexible tool with the capability to move the spam mails to a quarantine spam folder so that any genuine emails once found can be retained from the quarantine folder. It also has the capability to open and use email attachments without having the risk of infection from malicious files. Comodo Dome Antispam also provides Flexible Deployment as it can be implemented in Cloud, comes as a dedicated on-premises and dedicated hosted cloud.

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