What is Data Breach?

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A data breach is a security incident imposed by a hacker to gain access to confidential data from the organization network through unauthorized techniques and methods. The breaches are done to steal financial information, health records, personally identifiable information, or intellectual property. The breach can be done either by accessing the computer or a network physically to steal local files or by accessing it from remote.

A typical data breach operation is performed by the following methods

Research: Hackers identifies the weakness in the network

Attack: Establishes a contact to the network to start an attack

Network Attack: Exploits the target victim’s weakness of the infrastructure, application or the system.

Exfiltration: Once the cyber criminals find a way to access the system, the data is extracted.

What types of data are usually stolen in Data breach?

The objective of any cybercriminal is to establish an attack to gain access to the type of information he wants to extract. Following are the most common targets
It is a mobile app vendor which was breached and the data was exposed due to intrusion of network

Cyber thieves found way to access to the users’ database.

Dixons Carphone
About 10 million customers got affected by the breach last year. The compromised information included names, email addresses and physical addresses as well.

Equifax which is a well-known Information Solutions Provider was a breach victim sometime last year. Close to 140 million customers were affected in the US. The breach exposed names, social security numbers, addresses and birth dates.

Ashley Madison
Social Media Website hackers stole account details and PII (Personally Identifiable Information) and gained access to credit card transactions of around 32 million users which was close to 10GB data.

Hackers infected the Point of sales machines connected to the victim’s network. Because of the breach, close to 10 million debit/credit information card were exposed

SingHealth a Medical Service Provider was exposed to data breach and as a result data of more than 1.5 million patients were compromised.

Hong Kong Department of Health
Federal Agency was attacked by ransomware that left the network and systems inaccessible for close to two weeks.


U.K. military contractor
All the data was extracted by the hacking team using a backdoor identified as RoyalDNS.


The firm was exposed to a major data breach which revealed all the confidential emails and plans of the clients.

JP Morgan Chase & Co.
Data worth 76 million and close to 7 million small businesses were hacked.


University of Maryland

The university was exposed to security breach and more than 300,000 faculty’s, staff’s and student’s records were stolen.

How to Protect Your Business From A Data Breach

Get the help of a cybersecurity specialist: A cyber- security expert can help you educate employees on the best practices of security. Though it is hard to accept even the top companies are prone to such security breaches. Stay updated about the latest security breaches and install the right protection software to fight against security threats and stay ahead of such breaches.

Keep business and personal accounts separate:
Maintain separate email accounts for personal and business. So, in case if your personal account is hacked, it is just your personal information is all amess and your business information is safe or otherwise. Take control on what as to be uploaded or downloaded on your system.

Involve employees in protecting your data:
Most of security breaches happen by accident. Organization should train employees to help them understand on how to encrypt data and how to stay away from malware. Limit employee access to websites that is not required for their work.

Ensure to provide restrictive data permissions:
Data breaches are mostly meant to be sophisticated attacks that establish connection through backdoors. There should be a constant check on the access level of data and provide permissions to access data that are required for employees.

The Damage a Data Breach Can Do:
A data breach can be more destructive than you think which can shatter down the organization’s reputation and financial bottom line.

How to Avoid a Data Breach?

  • Maintain automatic updating of software with the latest patches as and when it is released by the software vendor.
  • Ensure to Encrypt confidential data
  • Ensure to upgrade software when there is no more support by the manufacture.
  • Implement effective BYOD security policies
  • Implement multi-factor authentication
  • Educate employees on effective best security practices

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