What is Data Loss Prevention?

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Data loss prevention (DLP) is a concept that ensures end-users do not send any sensitive or confidential information outside the organization network. It comes as a software product that helps a network administrator manage and monitor what data the end users can transfer.

How Data Loss Prevention Technology Works?

To get a complete understanding about DLP solution, one should know the difference between contextual analysis and content awareness. A simple way to understand the difference is that when you consider a letter in an envelope the content is a letter and the context is the envelope. So, content awareness involves take over the envelope and analyse the content in it, while the context includes outside factors like size, format, header, etc.

DLP products provide vulnerability prevention and corrective action once identified. There are various types of DLP solutions differing by function to address to a specific purpose however the objective is the same to prevent data loss.

Network DLP

It comes as software or a hardware that is integrated with data points of the organization network. The solution oversees, tracks and reports all the data transaction over the network. It is intended to scan all the content that passes through the ports and protocols of the organization. It generates critical reports that entitles data security in the organization – that helps to understand what data is used, who is using it and where the data is sent. All the data gathered by the Network DLP is archived and managed in a database which is available for any later retrieval.

Storage DLP

Storage DLP entitles IT admins to understand about the data stored and shared by employees and what are the information that are sensitive that may be at risk. The storage DLP helps you understand and view where the sensitive files are stored and shared by the employees who have access to the organization network.  This helps to detect sensitive areas and deny data loss. Storage DLP works well to manage and control data that are stored and accessed over the cloud.

Endpoint DLP

External tools that are used to transport files in a fast and easy way bring about high chances of security risks by giving chances of intentional or accidental data leakage. Endpoint DLP is the most ideal solution to prevent data leakage through clipboards, removable devices and sharing applications.

Data Loss Prevention Best Practices

  • Know your data protection objective and understand which DLP architecture or an integration of architectures are ideal to meet the company’s data protection demands.
  • Do a complete research on the DLP vendors

Know the Types of DLP Architectures offered

  • Know if it supports Windows, Linux and OS X with sameness in features
  • Check if they provide managed services
  • Understand if you are concerned in protecting unstructured or structured data
  • Do you have plans to limit data movement based on policies, users and events
  • What are the compliance regulations you follow and what are the future regulations in the pipeline?
  • What is the notice to deploy DLP program?
  • Would you be equipped with experts to manage your DLP program
  • Define roles and responsibilities to users who relate to the organization’s DLP program and define access rights.
  • Document the processes

Why Is Data Loss Prevention Important?

In any organization, Data Loss Prevention is critical as it is a solution that detects the important sensitive data and tracks the flow of data that comes in and out of the enterprise network. It checks if there are any suspicious data disclosure and denies the same by incorporating strict disclosure policies. Following are the critical data

  • Intellectual Property: product design documents, source code, process documentation, internal price lists
  • Corporate Data: Strategy planning documents, Financial documents, Document on employee information
  • Customer Data: Credit card numbers, financial statements, social security numbers, medical records, etc.
Best Data Loss Prevention Software

With hackers consistently finding ways to steal data from the organization network. Therefore, data loss prevention plays a main role in protecting the organization’s data. Comodo Dome Data Loss Prevention has been the best Data Loss Prevention Software that ensures data protection when it is on transit, in use and static with policy management at a granular level. It offers key capabilities like central management, visibility, reporting and strengthens compliance.

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