Discover the Advantages of Cloud-Based Internet Filtering Software

Would it be a good idea for IT managers to deploy web filtering as software or appliance on-premise? Or would it be better for them to use a cloud-based service? You know the standard reasons in favor of cloud-based internet filtering software: There are lower costs, quicker implementation, less administration, and faster scalability. But there are more motivations to put content filtering and web risk protection in the cloud. There are also factors that produce better security, including  better defense against zero-day attacks. It will provide more assurance of roaming users, and there is high reliability supported by solid service-level agreements.

At this point, almost everybody knows about cloud-based internet filtering software. It is being used by a wide range of organizations.

Of course, cloud-based internet filtering software also raises the question: How can organizations filter out and check material while their workers are away?

Cloud-Based Internet Filtering Software: The Off-Site Filtering

Cloud-based internet filtering software assumes a crucial role in protecting employees. It prevents unsafe material as employees perform online research. With cloud-based internet filtering software, network administrators can set up limitations, such as on harmful sites like malware-laden pornography. Gaming, social media, and entertainment sitesalso distract workers so they can't focus on their organizational tasks.

Cloud-Based Internet Filtering Software: The Bottleneck

The technique for cloud-based internet filtering software typically includes the use of applications. The traditional way is that all off-network traffic of take-home devices goes through the on-site hardware before being directed back out to the web. This extra step creates a bottleneck in at-home browsing speeds. The bandwidth uplink of the on-site hardware turns into a constraining factor.

Upkeep and support of on-site hardware is also another issue. Even outside of office hours, network administrators must work to keep up the network. They need to prevent issues that could cause spontaneous downtime. Cloud-based internet filtering software negates network downtime. This is in view of the issues that can restrain a worker's capacity, especially when using their company-issued devices.

Cloud-Based Internet Filtering Software: The Rescue

Cloud-based internet filtering software offers a path around the limitations of web filtering. It wipes out the hardware altogether. Instead, cloud-based internet filtering software depends on software applications and cloud innovation to deliver effective web filtering. The upside is that cloud-based internet filtering software reduces bandwidth bottlenecks. It gives take-home users a more dependable and quicker browsing experience.

Another advantage of cloud-based internet filtering software is that it's simpler. It is also more affordable to deploy than standard hardware-based systems. Once deployed, network administrators can control devices located at and away from  the office.

Cloud-based internet filtering software also allows tighter integration into take-home devices. For instance, many cloud-based internet filtering software filter take-home devices through an easily-deployable browser extension.

Most organizations are turning to cloud-based internet filtering software. Over different solutions, cloud-based internet filtering software lessens costs and speeds up usage. A cloud-based internet filtering software also offers:

  • High levels of redundancy for more dependable operations.
  • Larger URL databases for better security.
  • Better assurance against focused attacks and zero-day threats.

For most organizations, these advantages present a defense for cloud-based internet filtering software.

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