The Case for a Cloud Web Filtering Software

Today, almost all organizations have some level of interaction with an interconnected framework, especially the web. A normal business accesses a huge number of sites online every day. This makes it hard to manage or limit web browsing and the kind of content accessed by their staff. There are serious dangers attached to unrestricted web browsing, especially in a business environment. Viruses, malware, and phishing present enormous security threats. Your network is safe, however, if each work area has a cloud web filtering software.

Sometimes, data from the web is important to the task performed, but other times, it isn't. Unmanaged web browsing can add to lost productivity. Time spent on social media sites means time spent not doing work. That’s why cloud web filtering software management is desirable in business.

Most cloud web filtering software available to small to medium enterprises offers worldwide limitations, a one-size-fits-all method. But the option to check and manage web browsing in-house can be tedious and difficult, so organizations need the help of complex in-house technical resources, e.g., cloud web filtering software.

To filter web browsing content, your cloud web filtering software needs to see it. In most cases, this means paying your ISP for all the information that has gone into your system.

Cloud-based web filtering software provides a solution. Cloud web filtering software secures your business network and filters content in the cloud before download.

When using cloud web filtering software, all your web traffic gets sent through servers. When the content is good, network administrators let it through. If some people accidentally download viruses or malware or attempt to go to a phishing site, cloud web filtering software will hinder the content before it even reaches your network.

Cloud web filtering software applies to different sorts of content, for example, non-business-related sites or social media. Cloud web filtering software enables flexibility, as it chooses the guidelines that should apply for the business.

As opposed to a blanket “deny” or “allow” of cloud web filtering software, time limits can be set instead around web surfing — for example, before and after operational hours or during the midday break. Cloud web filtering software can also limit, stop, or allow access to specific sites. It can be per office, at an individual user level, or defined groups.

Organizations can also manage staff web usage. Cloud web filtering software reporting can follow what sites employees are browsing and offer valuable insights into staff performance.

The cloud web filtering software provides a cost-effective, protected way to browse the w.

Comodo Shield DNS Filtering gives insurance against cutting-edge dangers. You can avoid anonymizers, cookie stealing, TOR, and encrypted files. You can block botnets, spyware, drive-by downloads, phishing, malware, and XSS-injected sites. There are also customizable block pages. They can show pages per location, category, and client.

Get scheduled reports delivered to your inbox. Comodo Shield DNS Filtering gives customizable, real-time reporting. You can check web exchanges from anywhere. Also, create custom reports using simple widgets. Cover all your clients, regardless of where they are, on any device, anywhere. It can do multi-office and roaming user protection.

Comodo Shield DNS Filtering gives ongoing cloud security updates. It ensures 600,000 organizations and 85 million endpoints. It uses the world's biggest threat intelligence. It is a 100% cloud-based web security delivered at the DNS level. Comodo Shield DNS Filtering stops malicious IP responses and domain requests.

Comodo Shield DNS Filtering is a load-balanced, Anycast DNS infrastructure. There is no installation, no hardware required. You can install policies and gain visibility per location, organization, and endpoint agent. Do domain filtering. Use custom blacklists or whitelists and more than 80 content categories.

Even on mobile devices, employees are safe from accessing these sites. Comodo Shield DNS Filtering ensures your clients. With protected and suitable web browsing, work is safe on or off the corporate network. Comodo Shield DNS Filtering keeps your clients productive. Your workers don’t need to be specialists to protect the network from web threats. It has the capacity to make far-reaching web browsing policies.

Comodo Shield DNS Filtering also provides off-network assurance. It ensures users and authorizes web access policies even if they are off-network. It protects mobile devices across 2G, 3G, 4G, LTE cellular networks, and Wi-Fi. Comodo Shield DNS Filtering supports Android and iOS applications.

If you’re interested in Comodo Dome Shield as a cloud web filtering software, visit to get your five client licenses. Comodo Cybersecurity wants to offer you Dome Shield for free.