How Enterprises Assess DLP (Data Loss Prevention) Solutions

Today’s DLP (Data Loss Prevention) solutions must ensure against insider threats, external attacks, and outsiders acting like insiders. It must secure enterprise information no matter where it resides and how it is utilized. DLP (Data Loss Prevention) must protect financial data, client information, and intellectual property. The innovations provide valuable context that can help enterprises to perceive the affectability of compromised information and afterward focus remediation and incident response efforts as needs are.

Accomplishment with DLP (Data Loss Prevention) relies upon setting sensible information security needs, effectively evaluating vendor solutions, and choosing a deployment strategy. Presenting a convincing business case to business officials the danger of postponing DLP (Data Loss Prevention) activities.

DLP (Data Loss Prevention) would then be able to be executed using a simple system that focuses around acknowledging successes to provide a quick return on investment and protect your sensitive information. In the event that you are a business supervisor who values the information you own, request a DLP (Data Loss Prevention) solution. If you lead IT security, make DLP (Data Loss Prevention) a priority activity.

How to assess DLP (Data Loss Prevention) solutions? Here are the means we usually observe:

  1. Look for the initial seller set. Many sellers offer some type of information security. Identify and apply a set of filters to limit your organization’s choices. One common filter is identifying whether the seller supports the majority of your working environments.
  2. Connect with merchants with a plan. After you make the shortlist, it is time to contact the sellers. Have a rundown of use cases or critical business needs. This procedure can be as organized as you require it to be to fulfill your internal organization.
  3. Solidify responses. Gather the key partners and seek to build consensus around which sellers have the best capacity to tackle your issues.
  4. Narrow down the choices. Based on scores or rankings, you should be able to wipe out everything except two merchants that can be engaged for onsite presentation and hazard assessment.
  5. Pilot testing. Demand pilot testings from the two sellers, or from a single finalist as chosen from onsite meetings.
  6. Negotiate and buy. After pilot testing has finished, take the results to the whole selection group. Start negotiating with your best decision.

DLP (Data Loss Prevention) is always developing. Organizations need to remain on the front line of data protection advances and technologies. As you can see, there are loads of free and open source data loss prevention tools to choose from, but Comodo Dome Data Protection is a great place to begin.

Become familiar with how Comodo can help in the security of delicate data by visiting the Comodo Dome Data Protection page. It will likewise enable you to pick the best DLP solution for your requirements..

Comodo Dome Data Protection browses all web-bound email content and SSL-encrypted traffic. Comodo Dome Data Protection identifies delicate or unauthorized information trying to leave the organization's network. By using Comodo Dome Data Protection, users are also secured against localized information leakage brought about by USB drives, screen captures, or clipboards.

Comodo Dome Data Protection is an across-the-board data loss prevention technology. Comodo Dome Data Protection provides an easy-to-use and savvy solution against data loss. It can be used for any customer type on any gadget, in any location. Comodo Dome Data Protection ensures users will experience data security, data privacy, and meet the regulatory requirements of their organizations.

Comodo Dome Data Protection uses the ICAP protocol to integrate with various proxy servers and content delivery gateways. Comodo Dome Data Protection stores and records policy violation files. It quarantines duplicates of documents, messages, or any content related to the incident.

Comodo Dome Data Protection supports integration capabilities for Database Server, Microsoft Active Directory, HP ArcSight, Syslog, and other log collection and correlation systems. Comodo Dome Data Protection is versatile, flexible, and centralized. It has all the highlights you’ll require in a data loss prevention technology.

Comodo is a crucial player in the enhancement of the web for its continued development and responsibility to cut the growth of cybercrime. It verifies and validates online transactions and communications of desktop security products. Comodo is servicing more than 3,000,000 regular users and 200,000 business clients.

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