Dome Data Loss Prevention

Comodo Dome DLP is feature-rich data loss prevention solution that allows business to discover, monitor and control the movement of confidential data accross network and ensure compliance.

  • Solve data loss problem in motion, in use and at rest
  • Gain visibility on Web – Including SSL Inspection- and Email Traffic
  • Monitor how your data is being used on endpoints and discover sensitive files stored on computers and laptops.
  • Scan server and database without installing any agent and understand sensitive information stored at rest.
  • Ensure compliance, such as PCI-DSS, HIPAA and build your own data protection policy with using built-in patterns, dictionary, regex and document protection.
  • Monitor data movement and proactively guard againist data breach with granular policy control.

All in one Solution

Comodo DLP provides a broad set of features for managing a multitude of channels including web,email and endpoint such as printer,usb drives,clipboard,network share and also endpoint and server discovery within a single solution, thus being an all-in one solution.

Create Granular Policy Contol
& Ensure Compliance

Comodo DLP has its unmatched Policy Design Manager. With Comodo Data Loss Prevention’s intuitive and unified Policy Design Manager, it is very easy to design / manage DLP polices. Anybody familiar with Information Security concepts can easily use Comodo Data Protection, you will not need to be an expert

Easy to Implement
Without Large Upfront Investments

Comodo Data Protection does not require large upfront investments and can be implemented even in 1 hour. With Comodo's advanced structure, you can install it on single server as on-prem or use it with add-on module of Dome Secure Web Gateway as cloud.

Gain Visibility
on Web and Email Traffic

Scan, monitor data transfer on all outbound email and web traffic – including SSL inspection – and prevent data loss with feature rich content definition options. Integrated with Dome Secure Web Gateway gain visibility on off-network user traffic and protect your users any location.

Understand How
Your Data is Used on Endpoint

Monitor data transfer and stored data at endpoint with using Dome Data Protection agent and prevent data loss with USB, Screenshot, Printer, Network Share, Clipboard and Endpoint Discovery policy.

Discover Senstive Information
Stored on Endpoints and Servers

Prevent data loss before it happened with Dome Data Protection – Agentless Discovery- which enables to perform discovery on remote servers without installing any agent on the servers. Remote Discovery supports Windows Share, SSH, FTP, NFS, WEB and Database (MySQL) connection that helps you to understand what kind of sensitive data stored on file servers and databases.


Comodo Dome is a revolutionary Cloud Delivered Secure Web Platform delivered as a Security as a Service (SaaS) cloud infrastructure, that incorporates unknown file containment, Advanced Threat Protection, Web Security...

Comodo Data Protection is a truly robust all-in-one DLP solution providing a comprehensive, easy-to-manage, cost effective solution that prevents data loss for any user on any device, in any location.