Different DLP IT Security Technologies Employed Today

DLP IT security solutions are growing in prominence. Organizations search for approaches to lessen the danger of sensitive information leaking outside. Organizations have implemented at least one type of data loss prevention IT security. A DLP IT security solution depends on a few core technologies. Those technologies enable its engine to identify the delicate information. This is what the enterprise needs to verify and expect incidents.

DLP IT security performs both contextual analysis and content inspection of information. It goes through messaging applications such as instant messaging and email. It is in motion over the network. It is being used in a managed endpoint device. It is at rest in on-premises file servers or in cloud storage and cloud applications. Data leakage prevention IT security solutions execute responses based on standards and policy. It will address the danger of unplanned or coincidental leaks. It also includes exposure of sensitive information outside of authorized channels.

There are two classifications of DLP IT security technologies:

  • Integrated DLP IT security
  • Enterprise DLP IT security

Enterprise DLP IT security solutions are extensive and bundled in agent software. It is for virtual and physical appliances for email traffic. It also serves soft appliances for data discovery.  Integrated DLP IT security caters to web gateways and data discovery tools.

Understanding the differences between contextual analysis and content awareness is essential. Organizations need to grasp any DLP IT security solution completely. Content awareness involves peering inside to analyze the content. The context includes outside elements such as size, header, format, and so on. We need to use the context to get insight into the content. We would prefer not a single context.

There is a myriad of strategies that deliver different sorts of content inspection. Many DLP IT security vendors have built up their own content engines. Some use third-party innovation that is not intended for DLP IT security. Give close consideration to the patterns detected by each DLP IT security solution. A real bulk of delicate information confirms the precision of its content engine.

Data protection is one of the essential concerns when adopting cloud services. The normal organization uses cloud services. Employees often present new services on their own. You need to analyze cloud usage data. A document in file-sharing services that contain sensitive data creates compliance concerns. You have to use the right DLP IT security solution in the cloud. Real-time monitoring and data loss policy authoring are fundamental for cloud adoption.

It can be challenging to get a feel for all the diverse DLP IT security solution providers. You need to search for DLP IT security solution that is right for you. You need to put together a rundown of some dependable DLP IT security solutions. It should accommodate your one-of-a-kind needs and spending plan.

In the end, the choice comes down to use cases,  scope, and budget. For enterprises with a subset of use cases, entry-level DLP IT security solutions are good. It classifies and finds information while remaining at a low cost. Organizations with complex use cases might need a reliable DLP IT security solution.  It won't only enable them to classify the information but also secure them. Comodo Dome Data Protection is a great solution to start.

Comodo Dome Data Protection guarantees users will experience information security and data privacy. They will meet the regulatory requirements of their organizations. Comodo Dome Data Protection is an all-around data loss prevention innovation.

Comodo Dome Data Protection offers Content Verification and Vulnerability Scanning services. It empowers the companies to interact with each other on the web. Comodo Dome Data Protection supports log collection, integration capabilities, and correlation systems.   

Comodo Dome Data Protection takes a look at unauthorized and delicate information. Especially those trying to exit the organization's network. By using Comodo Dome Data Protection,  there is protection against localized information leakage. Comodo Dome Data Protection examines all SSL-encrypted activities and net-bound email content.

Comodo Dome Data Protection uses the ICAP protocol. This to integrate with a wide range of content delivery gateways. It archives policy violation records. Comodo Dome Data Protection quarantines copies of the content identified with the incident.


Comodo Cybersecurity is a vital player in the improvement of the web. It authenticates and secures online transactions and communications of desktop security products.  Comodo is servicing 3,000,000 regular users and more than 200,000 business clients. It has the commitment and continuous innovation to cut the growth of cybercrime.

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