DLP Monitor: Protecting Fundamental information

Ensuring client and employee personal privacy data is at everybody's thoughts today. Examples are credit card numbers, social security numbers, or other individual data. There is unintentional disclosure of information because of worker mistake. This is a security challenge for almost every organization. To compound issues, information can leak or end up in the wrong hands. Especially, when it’s transmitted and shared through a web application. DLP monitor is an elite data loss prevention solution. It can analyze all web communications and determine whether the data is going where it shouldn’t. It helps you limit the remaining workload for your security group. It safeguards intellectual property, meets compliance requirements, and other vital resources.

Classify A Wide Range Of Information

The DLP monitor enables you to filter a wide range of sensitive information. It can be from normal, fixed-format information to complex, variable intellectual property. By consolidating these object-classification systems, DLP monitor assembles an exact, detailed classification engine. This filters delicate data and performs searches that identify hidden or unknown dangers.

Track and Report Information

No matter what your organization is, you need visibility to identify delicate data. It can be over any protocol, any port, any application, and in any structure—with a high level of precision. With DLP monitor, you can track, accumulate, and report on the data in motion over your whole system. This is to find what and how data goes between your clients and other organizations. DLP monitor is a purpose-built appliance that identifies content types crossing any port. The DLP monitor enables you to reveal dangers to your information. You should make a move to secure your organization against data loss. Through user notification, DLP monitor can teach your clients on data protection. They can change practices without effort.

Find Dangers Not Recently Considered

There is indexing, classification, and capacity of all network traffic. It is not data that coordinates its real-time rule. The DLP monitor allows you to use historical data to understand what data is sensitive. You must understand how it is being used, who is using it, and where it is going. Also, you can perform a granular examination and historical inspection of information. This is to detect risk events and data exposure that might not have been recently considered. When deployed with other DLP software, you can identify where the information is. On your network, you will know who claims it.

Scan and Analyze Data

Integrated into the network, the DLP monitor performs real-time filtering. It also does an analysis of network traffic. It has pre-built rules. It ranges from compliance to acceptable use to intellectual property. DLP monitor matches whole and partial documents. It includes fine-grained plagiarism to its thorough set of rules. This enables you to identify abnormalities in network traffic. You can distinguish it no matter how large or small the abnormality is.

Forensic and Rule Tuning Capacity

Remarkable capture technology enables historical data to do an efficient deployment. There is no more months of trial and error, guessing, or business disruption. This makes it simple to calibrate DLP rules. Calibrate it for accuracy based on your ever-changing business needs. Capture technology can likewise help in the forensic investigation. It can act as a digital recorder. It will replay DLP incidents for exhaustive examination.

View Reports to Inform Action

Traffic is for analyzing, checking, and classifying by its classification engine. DLP monitor stores all the appropriate data in a proprietary database. Using an intuitive search interface, you can see extensive reports of your data. You can see who is sending it, where it is going, and how it is being sent. So, you can figure out what, where, and how data is leaking. With this information, you can take action to address these dangers. You guarantee compliance with guidelines and ensure sensitive information.

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Comodo Dome Data Protection is an across-the-board data loss prevention innovation. Comodo Dome Data Protection gives an easy-to-use and savvy solution against data loss. It is for any client on any device in any location. Comodo Dome Data Protection ensures clients will meet the necessities of their organizations.

Comodo Dome Data Protection browses all web-bound email content and SSL-encrypted traffic. Comodo Dome Data Protection identifies sensitive information trying to leave the organization's system. Clients are also secured against localized information leakage.

Comodo Dome Data Protection underpins integration capacities for log collection and correlation systems. Comodo Dome Data Protection is versatile, adaptable, and centralized. It has all the highlights you'll need in a data loss prevention innovation.

Comodo Dome Data Protection uses the ICAP protocol. It integrates with a wide scope of proxy servers and content delivery gateways. Comodo Dome Data Protection records and stores policy violation documents. It also isolates duplicates of reports or any content related to the incident.

Comodo provides a foundation that is fundamental in online organizations and individual consumers. It offers Content Verification, Email Certificate, and Vulnerability Scanning services for PCI Compliance.

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