DLP Solution for Linux Secures, Ensures Information on These Machines

Linux is more secure by structure, but that doesn't mean there won't be software bugs. What's more, there have been critical security threats that have surfaced in the last few years. A DLP solution for Linux isn't about the security of the operating system itself, but about securing the information residing on these machines.

There is a need to avoid sending classified content to unauthorized destinations, regardless of the PC's operating system. A DLP solution for Linux prevents users from copying and sending private information from Linux workstations to the cloud. It also safeguards transfers to portable storage devices and online applications.

The risk of individuals sending sensitive information outside the organization concerns the devices and applications that can store significant amounts of data. A DLP solution for Linux is in the market now due to an imminent increase in the Linux piece of the industry in 2015, much to the detriment of Windows OS.

Linux is turning into the true standard for security and IT infrastructures. This rate of adoption requires support as advancements. For example, what DLP solution for Linux is available today?

A DLP solution for Linux runs on Linux distributions like OpenSUSE, Ubuntu, and Debian. It offers device control to obstruct the use of storage devices and prevent data theft and data loss. Now, the DLP solution for Linux is bringing a content-aware data loss prevention module.

Organizations are implementing a DLP solution for Linux for confidential information, such as personal identifiable information, financial records, and marketing plans. DLP solution for Linux is the know-how against loss or leakage.

Most workers don't know which files are confidential and which are not, thus making information vulnerable in their hands. The need for a DLP solution for Linux doesn't come from lack of trust in employees — it is more about mindfulness. Although, there is always a possibility of displeased workers seeking revenge.

The DLP solution for Linux is client-server Data Loss Prevention software. It can be in the hardware appliance or virtual appliance designs. The manner in which it works is client software. DLP solution for Linux on every PC scans information before every upload and examines copied documents to applications and online services. The same goes for putting duplicated contents onto convenient storage devices.

Confidential information includes credit card numbers and social security numbers, as well as sensitive keywords and expressions. A DLP solution for Linux will either report or block activity regarding this information on the server. Administrators can then take appropriate action.

At first, a DLP solution for Linux seemed like it wouldn’t work with the Linux community. However, they embraced it and joined it to the Linux Foundation as a vital part.

Become familiar with how Comodo, as a DLP solution for Linux, can help with the security of sensitive data. Visit the Comodo Dome Data Protection page, which will help you pick the best DLP solution for your requirements.

Comodo Dome Data Protection browses all web-bound email content and SSL-encrypted traffic and identifies information trying to leave the organization's system.

Use Comodo Dome Data Protection to be additionally checked against confined data leakage, particularly, data brought about by USB drives, screen captures, or clipboards.

Comodo Dome Data Protection is an across-the-board data loss prevention advancement and gives an easy-to-use and smart solution against data loss. It will work for any client type, on any device, in any area.

Comodo Dome Data Protection ensures that clients will experience data security and data privacy. They will meet the administrative prerequisites of their organizations.

Comodo Dome Data Protection uses the ICAP protocol, which will coordinate with various proxy servers and content delivery gateways. Comodo Dome Data Protection stores and records policy violation documents and isolates copies of documents, messages, or any content related to the incident.

Comodo Dome Data Protection supports integration capacities for log collection and correlation systems. It is versatile, flexible, and centralized and has all the highlights you need in a data loss prevention technology.

Comodo is an essential player in the upgrade of the web. It has proceeded with progress and commitment to cut the improvement of cybercrime. It also affirms and favors online transactions and communications of desktop security products. Comodo services more than 3,000,000 ordinary clients and 200,000 business clients.

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Visit https://help.comodo.com/product-283-Comodo-Dome-Data-Protection.html or email sales@comodo.com today.

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