DLP Solutions: Keeping An Incident Turn Into A Data Leakage

Although DLP solutions have long been an important issue in organizations, DLP solutions have gone up against greater significance lately. The sense of urgency has been elevated by several prominent data breaches bringing about the exposure of individual data of employees and clients.

Organizations are dealing with various sorts of sensitive data, depending on the organization and its mission. They must ensure intellectual property, while many deals with personal data. Some are focused on ensuring the data of huge companies that must share financial information, while others work with the information identified to its own security. DLP solutions are discussing some of the most delicate information that exists, and that requires ensuring there is a high layer of defense in place to protect that information. DLP solutions are one of the key components of ensuring that delicate information.

DLP Solutions

To aggravate the situation, organization’s data seems to be a particularly tempting target for cybercriminals. Technology such as DLP solutions is clearly part of the solution, and business leaders understand that. DLP solutions aimed to enhance the techniques and tools that organizations use to guarantee that delicate data is properly insured. DLP solutions help introduce another age of cyber tools for the organizations so that they can be better prepared to face the digital difficulties.

Organizations build up a heat map of the whole organization to pinpoint the exact location of sensitive data on both endpoint devices and storage, as well as all through the system. DLP solutions detect data disregarding agency policies, such as patterns indicating that particular information is in danger of exposure. DLP solutions also detect the use of encryption, password file formats, and proof of hacking tools and attack planning.

Today, even organizations that have not encountered a cyberattack are looking at DLP solutions to help them mitigate both unintentional and deliberate information exposure by employees, identify unsecured business processes, and enhance mobile security.

In other cases, organizations want to identify the potentially sensitive information being sent by email and notify senders that they might be doing something in violation of policy. Other organizations are attempting to improve the security of inter-agency data transfers. Ensuring the limits is no longer a feasible security procedure. Organizations need to know where sensitive data dwells across the environment and on portable devices. DLP solutions is an important technology, even if you trust the general population of your organization.

DLP solutions are about dealing with the risk of the environment. Even a few anomalies can cause an organization a lot of concern and cost, so they need a proven innovation like DLP solutions. Otherwise, they are putting their organization in danger financially, operationally, as far as validity and consistency.

However, some data loss prevention software providers offer all-in-one solutions, while other data loss prevention solution suites comprise several modules, which can be purchased independently.

Comodo Dome Data Protection is a strong all-in-one data loss prevention technology providing a comprehensive, easy-to-manage, cost-effective solution that counteracts data loss for any user on any device, in any location. Comodo Data Protection guarantees that you meet the majority of your information security, data privacy, and regulatory requirements.

Monitor all web-bound web and email content, including SSL-encrypted traffic, to identify delicate or unauthorized data trying to leave your organization. You’re also insured against localized information leakage through USB drives, screenshots, clipboards, and printing of documents. Integration capabilities are Microsoft Active Directory (enables you to use domain users and groups in policies), Database Servers (SQL databases or JDBC-supporting data sources), Syslog, HP ArcSight, and other log collection, correlation systems.

Adaptable, versatile and centralized, Comodo Dome Data Protection has all of the features you’ll require in a data loss prevention technology. Comodo Dome Data Protection integrates with a wide range of proxy servers or content delivery gateways using the ICAP protocol.

Comodo Dome Data Protection records and stores all policy violation content and files, or quarantines copies of files, documents, messages, or content identified with the incident.

The Comodo organization is a worldwide innovator of cybersecurity solutions, securing critical information over the digital landscape. Building on its unique position as the world’s biggest certificate authority, Comodo verifies, approves, and secures networks and infrastructures from individuals to mid-sized organizations, to the world’s largest enterprises.

Comodo provides complete end-to-end security solutions across the boundary, internal network, and endpoint with innovative technologies solving the most progressive malware threats. Headquartered in New Jersey and branch offices in Silicon Valley, Comodo has 12 international offices over Europe and Asia.

Comodo secures and authenticates online transactions and communications for more than 200,000 business clients and 3,000,000 users of desktop security products. Visit comodo.com for additional information.

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