DNS Content Filtering

Essential Web Security With DNS Filtering

DNS content filtering can work to ensure security as well as productivity. DNS content filtering is a form of web filtering that inspects the content of a website and will filter websites based on what content you need to block. This approach is typically done at the firewall level. As you surf to the site you want, the firewall will analyze all of the page's information, and if it meets one of your filtered categories, it will block the page. You can work with your IT engineer to figure out what content to block.

DNS content filtering can prevent access to certain web content from your network to guarantee that employees are staying on their tasks, rather than browsing the Web. Productivity shouldn’t be the main reason your organization needs DNS content filtering, however, you need to weigh the risks of having open access to the web.

Through DNS content filtering, you allow a multi-layered way to deal with web filtering. DNS content filtering will keep the malicious websites blocked while allowing organizations to determine what kinds of content they would prefer not to enable employees to see while at work.

If employees are browsing content which requires a lot of data, such as HD videos, your bandwidth will suffer and there are less network resources for more productive employees. Implementing appropriate DNS content filtering policies for your business’ network brings a higher level of available bandwidth, guaranteeing higher efficiency and expanding the productivity of those employees utilizing the system right.

A stunning 70% of all obscene internet traffic happens during business hours, according to a research by SexTracker. It is ultimately an employer’s responsibility to guarantee legitimate use of the network and prevent employees from abusing HR policies. DNS content filtering can keep this kind of content from consistently figuring in your business network.

With DNS content filtering, you prevent malicious domains and resources from being accessed and avoid existing dangers on the network from becoming active or spreading by communicating with their destination servers.

Thus, Comodo Dome offers a suite of enterprise-level security capabilities that will totally protect your company from exposing attack surfaces due to poor cybersecurity hygiene from employees. Comodo Dome is a modular suite that can be formed to fit your necessities. And as a cloud-based solution, Comodo Dome’s DNS content filtering is easy to deploy and oversee.

Comodo Dome’s DNS content filtering secures your users and their computers—even their mobile devices when they're on the go—from getting to these problem sites. Comodo Dome does sweeping domain filtering and blocks malicious websites and unsafe web access habits.

You can make security guidelines to block web threats, build your own black/whitelists, and block categories of sites. Protect your information when users are mobile by securing delicate information, such as credit card numbers, when used in open systems.

Comodo Dome is effective in DNS content filtering for your organization. It is available also for homes, businesses, and managed service providers.

Try Comodo Dome for free and experience a unique approach to DNS content filtering and blocking. Comodo Dome helps you to create an efficient and secure business network.

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