Control desktop, laptop, and mobile device access to malicious and inappropriate internet domains with Comodo Dome Shield DNS filtering.

Malware and inappropriate content are just a click away.

There are links to "bad" websites everywhere, and attackers use a variety of tactics to lure people into clicking them. And there are plenty of sites that, while not malicious, are inappropriate for one reason or another. Comodo Dome Shield DNS filtering protects your users—even their mobile devices when they're on the go—from accessing these problem sites.

DNS filtering is available for homes, businesses, and MSPs. And best of all, no matter how many users you have, it's completely free.

Key capabilities

  • Flexible: Create security rules to block web threats, build your own black/whitelists, and block categories of websites.
  • Smart: Protect data when users are mobile by securing sensitive information, such as credit card numbers, when used on public networks.
  • Fast: By changing your DNS settings to Dome Shield's DNS, you can speed up browsing for your users.
  • Easy to set up: With the easiest setup available on the market, you'll be up and running within minutes.
  • Free forever: Sometimes you do get more than what than you pay for.

For the Home

Kids may be more digitally savvy than their parents, but that doesn't mean they know best when it comes to surfing the internet. Keep your family, your computers, and your mobile devices safe. DNS filtering lets you make the rules.

Secure Browsing

Comodo Dome DNS filtering makes it easy to restrict web browsing based on the category and security rules that you set.

Parental Control

It's not just about security. There are some websites you just don't want your children to be able to access. DNS filtering lets you do just that—and it provides a "teachable moment" with the ability to create block pages with customized messages telling them why they can't get to those sites.

Faster Internet

You don't just get safer browsing, you also get speedier browsing. Changing your DNS settings to Comodo Dome Shield DNS filtering will give you quicker internet access.

For the Business

Your employees are smart, but they're not all cybersecurity experts. Training is important, but it's not a silver bullet. DNS filtering keeps your users productive with safe and appropriate internet browsing.

Web access control

Blocking users from malicious—and even inappropriate or productivity-killing—sites has never been easier. The ability to create granular web access policies per device and per network keeps you in control.

Off-network protection

The endpoint agent for roaming laptops, along with mobile apps for iOS and Android, means your users are secure, even when they're on the road.

Advanced security

Comodo Dome Shield DNS filtering leverages global security data from the Comodo Threat Intelligence Lab, which protects 600,000+ businesses and 85 million endpoints worldwide.

For your Customers

As an MSP, you're charged with delivery and maintenance of your customers' business systems—including the security of those systems. Comodo Dome Shield DNS filtering not only delivers protection to your customers, it provides you with an opportunity to expand your product portfolio at unbeatable margins. That's why more than 10,000 MSPs use Comodo Dome DNS filtering to provide web access controls and protection against web-borne threats to companies of all sizes.

Multi-tenant support

Granular management tools, widgets, and specialized control panels provide per-company, per-location, and even per-device control. Because it's easy to group roaming laptops, mobile devices, and locations under companies, mobility support is a snap.

Fast setup

Get up and running—and protecting—in less than 10 minutes. All you have to do is change your customers' DNS to Dome Shield, add policies, and you're all set.

Actionable insights

Company-level monitoring and reporting is available with a single click. Get information about risks in the customer environment so you can proactively address them. Deliver reports to your customers to demonstrate your commitment to their security.


Compare all the features available with Comodo Dome Shield DNS filtering.

Features Shield for Home User
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Shield for Enterprise
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Shield for MSP
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No hardware, no installation required

100% cloud-based, load-balanced, geo-distributed, highly available Anycast DNS infrastructure hosted in 25+ countries

Enforce policies and gain visibility

Per company, location, and user

Domain filtering

80+ content categories and custom black/whitelists

Protection against advanced threats

Block phishing, malware domains, malicious sites, botnets, C&C callback events, spyware, drive-by downloads, XSS-injected sites, cookie stealing, anonymizers, TOR, encrypted files, and all web-borne attacks

Customizable block pages

Design and brand block pages, show different pages per category, location, and user

Real-time cloud security updates

Leverages the world's largest threat intelligence, which is continuously updated and protects 600,000 businesses and 85 million endpoints

Stop malicious domain requests and IP responses

100% cloud-based web security delivered at the DNS level

Real-time, fully customizable reporting

Monitor web transactions from anywhere, get scheduled reports delivered to your inbox, and generate custom reports using simple widgets

Multi-office and roaming user protection

Cover all your users no matter where they are

Off-network protection

Protect users and enforce web access policies no matter where they connect from

iOS and Android apps

Protect mobile devices seamlessly across 2G, 3G, 4G, LTE cellular networks and Wi-Fi

Multi-company management

Protect multiple companies from a single pane of glass by grouping objects, policies, and rules

24x7 email support
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