DNS Protection Tools: Ensuring Security And Enhancing Privacy

You utilize the Domain Name System (DNS) each time you surf the Internet. Each time you type a website name into the browser, DNS is questioned for the IP address relating to that specific domain, so the browser can contact the Internet server to get the content. Nowadays, organizations are using more essential approaches to shield careless surfers from phishing sites, botnets, and other unwanted visitors: DNS protection tools.

Since DNS servers and DNS protection tools serve as the middlemen between your organization’s browser and website content, there are many third-party DNS protection tools that offer additional functionality for both users and network administrators.

These DNS protection tools can:

  • Block adult sites and other undesirable content, while requiring no software on the PCs and gadgets.

  • Block sites containing viruses, scams, and other dangerous content.

  • Blocks communication with known botnet servers so your PC isn't taken over.

  • Block advertisements, another sort of content filtering, which some DNS protection tools particularly focus on.

  • URL grammatical error adjustment. For example, if you wrote gogle.com, it would correct to google.com.

Some DNS protection tools also allow you to make an account to customize the messages that show up when a site is blocked. Since there are so many DNS protection tools available, choose a DNS protection tool that provides some type of automatic or pre-configured content filtering and allows you to personalize the level of security.

Choose Comodo Dome.

Comodo Dome adopts a modular approach, permitting network administrators and IT directors to layer in the modules they require over their systems as they develop. Modules include advanced threat protection, antispam, web security, portable containment, sandboxing, antispam, data loss prevention, cutting- edge firewall, bandwidth management, and a secure VPN service. Individual modules can be added to provide total security and compliance with corporate strategies, regardless of the end user, device or location.

Comodo Dome reviews all Web traffic and blocks malware and malicious files continuously, regardless of whether they are undetected by different antivirus engines. It additionally acts as a Web proxy that blocks known bad files and then identifies unknown files and encloses them in a portable container, guaranteeing that end users are allowed to open, execute and use the files with zero danger of infection.

Keep in mind, the speed, quality, and execution of DNS protection tools can vary. Try Comodo Dome, a cloud-delivered secure web platform by the global leader in cybersecurity solutions. Indeed, through Comodo Dome, even the most up-to-date rising dangers are contained and defended against continuously.

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