DNS Server Content Filtering

The Missing Tool To Your Web Security Strategy

Cybercriminals need your content and they will use any tool to access your systems and take your information. DNS server content filtering service is turning into a widespread tool to keep cybercriminals from getting into your network.

According to Cisco’s white paper, more than  90% of attacks are done over DNS and just two-thirds of organizations monitor their DNS records. Fortunately, a DNS server content filtering software has a feature that would prevent a user from getting to a site, directly using its IP address if it’s known to be malicious.

A DNS server content filtering software offers security protection through filtering DNS requests. If you are using your default DNS service, through your internet service provider, you are enabling your desktop or servers to connect to any site without a DNS server content filtering software. Since DNS is the foundation of the web, it should be a priority on your to security agenda.

A DNS server content filtering software keeps a record of all sites that have been known to be malicious and keeps users from accessing the site. Many sites that were once protected, could have been hijacked recently and can have infections that can then be pushed down to clueless users.

One of the most popular ways for cybercriminals to access the network is a fake phishing email. The link will divert you to a URL which isn't where you intended to go but rather something very similar. The DNS server content filtering software would keep you from getting to that site if it has been around long enough for the DNS server content filtering software to identify it.

Ransomware, on the other hand, depends heavily on connecting back to their Command and Control Center to receive its encryption password to encrypt your records. DNS server content filtering software detects these DNS queries in real time and uses anomaly detection algorithms and domain reputation system. Even if you were to install the virus, the DNS server content filtering software will prevent your system from talking back to the Command and Control Center and thus avoid encryption.

DNS server content filtering is only a part of the Comodo Dome service. Reports can be created to see which users have accessed categories that are blocked and allowed. Comodo Dome records all their categories and changes periodically as they learn of new categories users would appreciate.

Generally, Comodo Dome offers a modular suite that can be formed to fit your necessities. And as a cloud-based solution, Comodo Dome’s DNS server content filtering feature is easy to deploy and oversee.

Its DNS server content filtering capability secures your users and their computers—even their mobile devices when they're on the go—from getting to these problem sites. Comodo Dome does sweeping domain filtering and blocks malicious and unsafe web access.

You can make security guidelines to block web threats, build your own black/whitelists, and block categories of sites. When used in open systems and users are mobile, you can protect your information by securing delicate information, such as credit card numbers.

Comodo Dome is an effective DNS server content filtering security system for your organization. Comodo Dome is available also for home and managed service providers. And best of all, regardless of what number of users you have, this web filter is totally free.

We can rely on DNS server content filtering software like Comodo Dome as security attacks develop and evolve.  DNS server content filtering software is an essential layer of the security pyramid. With education, firewall protection, advanced antivirus, and DNS server content filtering, we can keep cybercriminals from affecting our lives.

Get started with Comodo Dome DNS server content filtering now. Email us or talk to a Comodo representative.

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