DNS Server Parental Control

Protect Kids On The Web

Among other things, DNS server parental control software enables parents to filter out websites that their kids can see, to keep kids away from being exposed to materials the parents think unsuitable, like pornography, gambling, or violence.

The Web is so vast and uncensored that it will disturb the young minds if the parents and DNS server parental control don't assume their part in ensuring that the bad sites are being filtered and blocked. The kids only need a gadget such as a smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer with an Internet connection to access thousands of freely accessible malicious sites.

There is a significant number of DNS server parental control software that you can install on your  PC to automatically detect bad websites and block them.

Basically, a DNS is used to make an interpretation of a typed URL into an IP address, and it works very quickly behind the scenes. There are free DNS services that come with DNS server parental control policies to block porn and different sorts of unsavory websites.

The first thing is to activate parental control on devices your children use. You can change the settings separately per user, and set time limits every day. In this way, you can keep them from surfing on weekdays or until late at night. You can also use DNS server parental control to limit access to specific games and to permit or block certain shows.

DNS server parental control enables you to protect your kids from content on the Web you would rather not have them see. This can be done also, partially, with certain browsers developed specially for kids, such as Kibro or Kidiso. Such browsers guarantee that your kids remain inside the browser environment and in this manner don't end up in the wrong sites.

DNS server parental control usually works with a whitelist of a certain number of sites that youngsters can visit.  As parents, you can simply propose that specific sites are added to the whitelist. These DNS server parental control software are a good solution primarily for little children.

It is important not only to give children tips on how to protect themselves on the Web, but also to train them to take a position on what they see and read, and to make them mindful of certain risks that the Web entails. If you're utilizing a DNS server parental control software, make sure that the tool does its job.

Comodo’s security suite, Dome, offers security capabilities that will totally protect your home from getting to problem sites. Comodo Dome does sweeping domain filtering and blocks malicious and unsafe web access.

You can make security guidelines to block web threats, build your own black/whitelists, and block categories of sites. You can also protect your information when users are mobile by securing delicate information, such as credit card numbers, when used in open networks.

Comodo Dome is available also for enterprises and managed service providers. And best of all, regardless of what number of users you have, you can try this DNS server parental control software for free.

Get started with Comodo! Our team of Sales Technicians will be happy to answer your questions and will discuss your current online security to determine which Comodo solution will be more appropriate for your circumstances.

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