DNS Web Filtering Service

Security And Content Control

Antivirus software and the local firewall are turned off by users on their PCs to avoid slow performance or install software that they need to do their job. Antivirus can only detect infections while it’s running, and it cannot block content that isn’t infected, yet isn’t for work, such as pornography, gambling, or social media.  Amid this, a DNS web filtering service will not prevent all of the above, but having the various layers of security brings down the hazard.

There are different viruses, like malware, that might sneak undetected and silently waiting to steal your data. So, you need a DNS web filtering  service, antivirus, firewall rules, updated software, regular backups, and a mindful workforce.

In most cases, setting the primary DNS servers with the DNS web filtering service in your DHCP server (which includes the router, network switch, and a firewall) is sufficient to block the majority of web-delivered malware and prevent access to any productivity-killing sites.

A DNS based web filtering service allows you to screen, control, secure, and shield your business from online dangers. The two key elements of the DNS based web filtering service are web security and web content control. A user types a URL into their browser, this request is sent to the DNS based web filtering service’ servers and based on a predefined policy, the request is permitted or blocked. If the request is blocked by the DNS based web filtering service, the user is presented with a block page informing them why it was blocked. If the user is permitted by the DNS based web filtering service, they are passed on to the requested URL.

However, DNS web filtering service can be bypassed. But you can find a way to limit your users’ capacity to get to taboo sites.  It’s time to set some firewall rules together with your DNS based web filtering service on your Internet gateway/router.

Some of the advantages of utilizing a DNS web filtering service are:

  • Enhances security by blocking access to malicious and risky sites
  • Keep malware downloads from malicious and risky sites
  • Keeps your defense up to date to protect your users as threats arise

Comodo,  the worldwide leader in cybersecurity solutions, provides complete DNS web filtering service solving the most advanced known and unknown malware threats. One of its cloud-delivered DNS web filtering service, the Comodo Dome, gives the best free DNS web filtering service and comprehensive domain filtering to cover security and category based rules.

Among DNS web filtering service, Comodo Dome is a type that you can easily integrate into your system and begin securing it against malicious domains. Comodo Dome authorizes company policies utilizing 70 different URL categories, covering more than 15 million domains.

Comodo Dome serves as the first line of defense to protect organizations’ data from web-borne threats and avoids the need for on-premise web gateway hardware. Having a powerful DNS web filtering service today, like Comodo Dome, that adjusts itself to your internet monitoring software will ensure that you are shielded from a security and legal stance and will enhance the productivity of your workforce.

To discover more about DNS web filtering service, or to ask for a  free trial, get in touch with Comodo today, and you could be ensuring your network against malware and ransomware with a DNS web filtering service within seconds.

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