"Comodo Dome Shield is a DNS-based security service that provides an easy way to block access to malicious web sites and apply web policies. Use it to protect your users against malware, botnets, phishing, and other malicious threats. It’s the base level of the Comodo Dome security-as-a-service offering. Dome Shield provides an easy way to get started with the Dome platform, and now you can get an unlimited used license free of charge. Once you have tried out Dome Shield, you can expand your protection with additional security features with Comodo Dome Proxy or Comodo Dome Enterprise."

  • Security that requires no hardware to install is as easy as setting your DNS to Comodo and begin blocking malicious and risky web access and apply company web browsing policies through Comodo’s cloud-delivered DNS-based SaaS solution.

Dome Shield’s features include:

  • Malware site protection
  • Phishing and fraud site protection
  • Web domain filtering: 15+ million domains in 70 different categories
  • Cloud-based deployment
  • Granular policy controls
  • Detailed and customizable reporting
  • Customizable Dashboards
  • Dome Shield is perfect for providing a first line of defense for any user, on any device, in any location.

Find out how easy Comodo Dome Shield is to deploy and begin to protect your business with an unlimited user license at no cost.