• Phishing attacks are a security challenge because they target users rather than your security technology. And phishing attacks are insidious, tricking email recipients to visit spoofed websites that serve up malware, including ransomware, and collect valuable private information such as passwords, credit cards and other credentials.
  • Phishing attacks are also fast acting with the 2016 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report finding that in 81.9% of incidents the initial security compromise happened in just minutes. Last year 30% of phishing messages were opened by the target recipients according to the report, and it took that recipient an average of one minute 40 seconds to open the email and three minutes and 45 seconds to click the malicious attachment or link.
  • Comodo Dome Shield fights phishing attacks and prevent both ransomware and fraud at the web gateway.
  • Comodo Dome Shield requires no hardware installation, offers users Comodo‚Äôs crowd-sourced threat intelligence and comes with customizable reports and analytics.

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