"Comodo Dome Shield is a DNS-based security service that provides an easy way to block access to malicious web sites and apply web policies. Use it to protect your users against malware, botnets, phishing, and other malicious threats. It’s the base level of the Comodo Dome security-as-a-service offering. Dome Shield provides an easy way to get started with the Dome platform, and now you can get an unlimited used license free of charge. Once you have tried out Dome Shield, you can expand your protection with additional security features with Comodo Dome Proxy or Comodo Dome Enterprise."

Additional features available in the Comodo Dome platform:

  • file-containment

    Unknown File Containment

  • sandbox


  • Antispam


  • IPS


  • DLP


  • cloud-based-firewall

    Cloud-based Firewall

  • secure-vpn-service

    Secure VPN Service

  • More about the Comodo Dome Platform:

    Online security threats can come in many varieties-from advanced phishing efforts to malicious websites serving up malware to unsuspecting visitors. One of the more devastating threats is zero-day attacks, which are particularly sinister because no malware signature is available for a previously unknown file. Your first line of defense against these zero-day attacks is the ability to block access to the malicious websites where these threats often hide.

    Comodo Dome Shield is backed by threat intelligence derived from the analysis of more than 73 billion files in 2016 alone—files accessed by users from the more than 100 million endpoints protected by Comodo worldwide. Comodo analyzes new and unknown internet files at every stage of the kill chain using automated—and when necessary—human file analysis to render a verdict on whether a file is malicious. This process also informs the web-based threat intelligence behind Comodo Dome Shield.

    Even for zero-days threats, Comodo Dome Shield blocks access for a highly effective first line of defense when that file is housed on a malicious website. Now you can get this first line of defense at no charge from Comodo, to experience firsthand its power to protect.

    We are offering an unlimited users license for Dome Shield at no charge.

    Once you have the chance to try out Dome Shield, you can choose to expand your protection with additional security features—or continue to enjoy Dome Shield’s baseline protection from web-based threats at no charge.