Building A Secure, Easy Cloud DNS Framework

Large numbers of organizations trust Comodo, a global innovator and developer of cybersecurity solutions, to work with their Domain Name Systems for quick, dependable, secure, and stable connections to their website or online content. Comodo provides a managed service for every enterprise’ secure and easy cloud DNS framework.

DNS is the Internet’s equivalent of a telephone directory. There are a bunch of servers, called the root, that maintains domain names, like, and translate them into IP addresses. This is primarily because computers get to the websites based on IP addresses that are not as simple for people to remember as domain names.

One fear that Comodo helps enterprises overcome is changing to a new managed and easy cloud DNS network and provider while avoiding any downtime.

Cloud DNS providers have completely redundant, geographically diverse networks, and DNS server framework that gives unwavering quality and adaptation to non-critical failure. If the enterprise network lacks internal and internet redundancy and the system flops, then the reachability of their DNS framework is also compromised. If the enterprise’s current DNS servers are not redundant, then an easy cloud DNS service could provide higher flexibility to failure.

Enterprises often maintain legitimate DNS servers on their Internet perimeter systems. If their authoritative DNS servers are in one area, and they are servicing a global environment, then there is added inactivity around the world that are far off from that area. An easy cloud DNS provider offers better execution and accomplishment when used with various geographically diverse DNS servers by routing traffic to the "closest" group of destinations.

Most enterprises haven’t yet embraced the Domain Name System Security Extensions because of their lack of familiarity with its setup and its advantages. The DNSSEC provides a cryptographic technique for validating DNS records and ensures against a large number of the common DNS security issues.

Enterprises may lack an easy cloud DNS server that makes it easier to build DNSSEC configurations and manage the key rotation. Easy cloud DNS providers may automatically enable DNSSEC and perform the programmed key rotation.

It would be too expensive for an enterprise to deploy its own DNS servers to handle distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks. When utilizing an easy cloud DNS provider, like Comodo Dome, resilience against DDoS attacks would enhance. DNS servers will now have a greater capacity to absorb the attack, scale up with the attack, or moderate the attack.

Comodo introduced Dome, an easy cloud DNS-based Security-as-a-Service solution that offers extensive domain filtering. It also provides granular policies that cover category-based rules and security.

Comodo Dome is the easiest way to monitor unsafe web access and apply web browsing policy. It is simple yet an effective DNS-based security for your enterprise.

Implement company policies using 70 different URL categories covering more than 15 million domains using Comodo Dome. It lets you create location and agent-based security rules for blocking malware, phishing messages, botnet, and fraud sites. Get Comodo Dome for free and begin securing your system against malicious domains now.

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