• Rethink Your Security and Network Architecture

    The Comodo Dome Cloud Security Platform is totally modular and acts as a highly advanced series of security check posts encompassing Advanced Threat Protection, Web Security, portable containment, Sandboxing, Antispam, DLP, Next Generation Firewall, and Bandwidth management. Simply choose the modules you require today, and seamlessly add new ones in the future.

  • The Base Module: Dome Standard

    Comodo Dome Standard is the base module to start your Dome Service. Dome Standard acts as the Secure Web Gateway component of Dome Enterprise Solutions. Providing Valkyrie Cloud-Based Sandbox and File Verdict Platform utilizing Comodo's Patent-Pending Portable Containment Technology. Dome Standard is real-time synchronized with Comodo Threat Research Labs Intelligence and features enhanced URL filtering categorization for providing web access control for your company regardless of location and agent.

  • Dome Data Protection Module

    Comodo Dome Data Protection is a cloud based Data Loss Prevention solution enables to enforce polices data in use, data in motion and data at rest to prevent data loss. Dome Data Protection Module is integrated with Dome Standard to identify, monitor and protect data in use , data in motion and data at rest through content inspection. Dome Data Protection enables you to monitor and prevent data transmission over HTTP, HTTPS, SMTP, USB, Printer, Clipboard, CD/DVD, Screenshot.

  • Dome Antispam Module

    Comodo Dome Antispam Module is compatible with all major MTAs (Mail Transfer Agents), integrates easily into existing e-mail structures and is scalable to thousands of users. Messaging Gateway's uniquely intelligent filtering algorithms deliver over 99% accuracy rates on content classification and spam detection, helping it to earn 'Premium' certification from independent testers West Coast Labs.

  • Dome Firewall Module

    Cloud Based Firewall Module of Comodo Dome, a Cloud Delivered Secure Web Platform delivered as a Security as a Service (SaaS) cloud infrastructure.Dome Firewall Module incorporates a unified firewall for your network and a secure VPN service.Dome Firewall Module can be placed as the gateway of your Dome Premium Services including Dome Secure Web Gateway and Dome Data Protection.

Dome Enterprise

Advanced Threat Protection
  • Malicious Content blocking
  • Botnet Protection
  • Phishing Protection
URL Filtering
  • Millions of URLs
  • 70+ categories
  • Granular policies
Platform Features
  • No Hardware Installation
  • Easy Traffic Forwarding
  • Rapid provisioning
Reports & Analytics
  • Customizable Dashboards
  • Analytics Engine
  • Scheduled reporting
Automated Unknown Portable File Containment
Valkyrie Cloud-based File Verdict Platform
  • Unknown file Sandbox
  • Behavioral Analysis
  • Forensic Malware Reports
SSL MITM Interception
Dome Firewall Module
  • Stateful packet inspection
  • Virtual Private Network as a Service
  • Client-to-Site, Site-to-Site
  • Windows, OS X, iOS, Android
Dome Data Protection Module
  • DLP and full content Inspection of http, https, ftp, sftp, email, printing, removable devices
Dome Antispam Module