UTM Virtual Appliance for Free!

Dome Firewall is a free enterprise grade Unified Threat Management Solution that delivers protection for all ports and protocols.

Free Central Management Software

Centralized management console simplifies per-user and per-group mail management.

Security needs can be differ from employee to employee. You may want to apply different security levels to different employees such as from finance, sales departments. Dome Antispam provide you a freedom to define different type of profiles with different security features and restrictions.

Only Free UTM in the World with Common Criteria EAL 4+ Certification

Comodo Dome Firewall is the only free UTM in the world that has CC EAL 4+ certification. CC EAL 4 + certification assures our customers that Comodo Dome Firewall 2.0 satisfies a globally agreed-upon security standard, making it the default choice for administrators that are looking for UTM solutions. CC certifications are evaluated and verified by vendor-neutral, third-party laboratories and mutually recognized by 26 countries.

Free Unified Firewall

Dome Firewall's stateful packet inspection firewall helps to secure all ports and protocols. Create user, group, source, destination, MAC & IP, schedule based rules and control all the inbound and outbound traffic of your network. Unified Firewall helps you to control all the security features of Dome Firewall from a single and simple table.

Free Unified Firewall

Free Network Management

Dome Firewall delivers all the network management tools you need including, VLAN Management, DHCP, Virtual IP, Routing, NAT, ICAP, WAN Failover and Zone Management.

Free VPN

Site-to-site and client-to-Site VPN connection made easy via Dome Firewall. Create SSL VPN and IPSec tunnels and manage policies by Dome Firewall's VPN Management with just a few clicks.

Free VPN
Free URL Filtering

Free URL Filtering

Setting user, group, zone or time based web filtering policies made easy by Dome Firewall. You can select over millions of real-time updated sites in hundreds of categories to increase productivity and reduce legal concerns.

Intrusion Prevention System

Dome Firewall secures your network for intrusion based attacks with 24x7 updated signatures. Including thousands of IPS signatures from denail of service to portscan, we got you covered!


Comodo Threat Research Labs analyzes world-wide emerging threats and provides millions of users with real-time security. Dome Firewall delivers Valkyrie's dynamic analysis capabilities plus all the threat intelligence data gathered by Comodo sensors with real-time updates for securing your network against all types of attackers.

Upgrade Instantly with Dome Modules

Dome Firewall can be integrated with additional modules of Dome Shield, Dome Secure Web Gateway, Dome Data Loss Prevention and Dome Antispam to provide you 100% boundary security.

Free URL Filtering

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The Most Comprehensive Free Unified Threat Management Solution.

Dome Antispam Features Dome Firewall
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Dome Firewall
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Endian Pfsense Ipfire

Central Manager

Manage Mulitple Firewalls

Organization and Device based Management

Remote Management

Security Features

Static & Behavioural Malware Analysis at the Gateway

Zero-Day Malware Protection

Automated Unknown File Containment

Portable Containment Technology

Manual Human based Malware Analysis at the Gateway

Phising Protection: Stop sources of phising attacks with cloud based lookups

Cloud based lookups for the latest threat intelligence

Botnet Protection: Block callback attemps of infected endpoints

Application Auto-Whitelisting


Common Criteria EAL 4+

Content Filtering

Category based URL Filtering : Blocking URLs by their categoriesand custom blacklists

Comodo Web Filtering Database With live updates Comodo Web Filtering Database With live updates open source Manual updates open source Manual updates open source Manual updates

Domain Categorization Feed Updates

Every 2 hours Every 2 hours n/a n/a n/a

HTTPS Interception : Analysis of encrypted HTTPS traffic

Source, Destination,Schedule and User Based Rule Management


Unified Policy Management

Stateful Packet Inspection Firewall

Source, Destination, Service, Port, IP and FQDN based traffic blocking

User, Group, Schedule and Network based policy management


Source and Destination Based NAT Support with Masquerading

VLAN and DHCP Support

WAN Load Balancing and Failover

Zone based Management Supporting Multiple LANs

NAT, PAT, Routing, ICAP Support

Virtual IP Management

Intrustion Prevention

Category based IPS Signature Database: Block intrusion attacks with granular policies by their categories

Real-time updates: Every week new IPS signatures are automatically added to database

Support for Custom IPS Signatures: Create and upload your own IPS signatures

Virtual Private Network

Site-to-Site VPN

Client-to-Site VPN

Supports IPSEC, L2TP, SSLVPN and GRE Tunnels

Active Directory Authentication


Simple web based management interface

User, Group and Time Based Rules

Active Directory Integration

Role Based Access Control Rights to Management Interface

Bandwidth Management

Service based traffic prioritization

TOS/DSCP Based Controls

Quality of Service based bandwidth allocation

Data Loss Prevention

Dome DLP Integration

Cloud Anti-Spam

Dome ASG Integration

Cloud Proxy

Dome SWG Integration

DNS Layer Protection

Dome SHIELD Integration
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