Why You Should Be Using a Free Content Filtering Software

Web filtering software enables system administrators to choose content that is acceptable for accessing and viewing. A free content filtering software keeps individuals in the network and guards them from specific web content. Free content filtering software is for organizations to block certain non-business related sites, including gaming sites, social networking sites, and so forth.

The free content filtering software fits in when there is an enormous number of web users. It is the system administrator's job to set up free content filtering software, which benefits the organization, workers, and network in various ways.

Here are the advantages of free content filtering software:

Expanded Network Assurance

There are significant advantages to applying a free content filtering software. It blocks access to the sites that may disseminate malicious software. Viruses or malicious programs can have devastating effects on your network. Filtering or blocking these sites reduce the chance of an infection. The free content filtering software ensures your network. Cybercriminals may attempt to breach the security of your network and PCs. A free content filtering software is typically an add-on for antivirus and anti-malware.

Expanded Productivity Level

Sometimes, the number of user or employees in a network is few, so keeping a check on everyone’s web activity is simple. But if the number of users in your network is huge, then it becomes more difficult. In that case, users will exploit the unrestricted environment and get away with activities that hamper their efficiency level. This is where a free content filtering software comes to the rescue. Free content filtering software removes and blocks all these enticing sites and forces the user to focus. They then become more productive with their tasks.

Data Transmission Usage Reduction

This one is most helpful with regards to cost reduction. Many organizations generally have a fast web connection with ensured data transmission. A free content filtering software can block activities and sites, for example, streaming audio and video. Now, system administrators can control data transmission use.

Avoidance of Liability Issues

Your free content filtering software helps prevent potential outcomes of illegal activities, such as file sharing and so on. Organizations should follow a certain web/data protection policy. A free content filtering software puts your organization's network in compliance.

Comodo Dome Shield DNS Filtering is a key component of layered protection. Comodo Cybersecurity's Dome Shield DNS Filtering is available at no charge to big businesses, independent enterprises, and managed service providers. Comodo Dome Shield DNS Filtering is also available to individual clients.

Comodo Dome Shield is the base level of the Comodo Dome cloud-based security service. Comodo Dome Shield DNS Filtering blocks access to known malicious sites. It gives you a chance to actualize web domain filtering policies. You get to use predefined categories and customized lists.

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Comodo Dome Shield DNS Filtering is a security-as-a-service software model. You can upgrade your protection with higher levels and pick full Secure Internet Gateway functionality. You can even include highlights like antispam, firewall, VPN, and data loss prevention. Or, you can make the most of your free license. Comodo Dome Shield DNS Filtering will work without subscribing to a higher service.

Comodo Cybersecurity has prepared a comparison of the levels of the Dome Shield. This will enable prospective clients to understand the security features offered. You can also access the comparison page. Find out about how the service stacks up versus the competition.

With Comodo Dome Shield DNS Filtering, Comodo Cybersecurity expects organizations to step forward. Comodo Cybersecurity is not capacity constrained and can suit everybody who’s interested.

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