Free DNS Filtering Reduces Traffic to Undesirable Sites

A free DNS filtering service can keep certain sites from loading on your network. Most free DNS filtering services can filter by explicit classes, for example, phishing, malware, pornography, and so forth. Unlike certain content filtering software, it does not present security dangers. Free DNS filtering does not block traffic between you and the site you’re visiting. Free DNS filtering doesn’t need installing any product on your PC or gadget, which makes it one of the most secure approaches to filter web content.

If you mistype a popular domain — for example, typing .cm rather than .com — it would take you to a phishing site. A free DNS filtering service would block your browser from doing that. It will return an NXDOMAIN, which means “domain does not exist” rather than the IP address. That will obstruct the site from loading. A similar procedure can be used to prevent any undesirable category — for instance, pornography, malware, and adware — from loading on your system.

An advantage of a free DNS filtering is that it can force search and media administrations into safe mode. This will prevent anybody from seeing pornography in their search results.

Why Should I Use Free DNS Filtering?

This is a wise way to shield yourself from malware. Also, when letting visitors on your Wi-Fi network, you don’t need to stress about what they’re doing. It is also a smart idea for when you begin letting workers on the web.

Free DNS filtering doesn’t restrict your workers. Anybody with a little specialized skill can sidestep it. But it may help prevent anyone using your network from stumbling across awful sites. If free DNS filtering prevents one infection, it's justified.

Schools, independent companies, governments, and large enterprises could enjoy free DNS filtering. You might not want to go about blocking content about gambling and illegal drugs, among other things, but you don't need malware on your system.

Using Two Free DNS Filtering Services

Some organizations use two free DNS filtering services. Both have simple directions to get started. Both are functional and free. Their choice to use the specific systems relies upon the circumstance. Although, in most cases, either would be fine, it’s nice to have many free DNS filtering choices.

Concentrating on the endeavors of cybercriminals is challenging. There is an interconnected network that uses the web. They always register new domain names and move to clean locations. A security strategy will identify malicious activity and close it down. But cybercriminals will move to another location, undetected. Then, the cycle repeats itself.

There are links to bad sites everywhere. Cybercriminals use an assortment of methodologies to draw individuals into clicking them. Also, there are many destinations that are malicious for various reasons.

The free DNS filtering should be a noteworthy part of your system security technique. It should be used with port monitoring, intrusion detection systems, web filtering software, antivirus, and firewalls. Together, these key layers can work to make a successful and sensible security structure.

Enter Comodo Dome Shield

This DNS filter secures your users, even their mobile devices when they're on the go, from accessing these problem sites. Comodo Dome Shield gives expansive domain filtering that covers security and provides the most effective way to block dangerous and malicious web access. It applies an organization’s web browsing policy to stop dangers.

You can make security rules to assemble your very own black/whitelists, stop web threats, and block categories of sites. Ensure your data when users are mobile by securing sensitive information when used in open systems.

The Comodo Dome Shield is a direct and effective DNS filter security for your organization. It is available for homes, organizations, and managed service providers. Furthermore, regardless of how many users you have, this DNS filter is free.

By changing your DNS settings to Dome Shield's DNS with the easiest setup available, you'll be up and running within minutes. What's more, with Comodo Dome Shield, you do get more than what you pay for.

For any organization that considers its network security, the protection of their DNS infrastructure should be a significant piece of their organization’s security plan. Time and effort spent on DNS security can give noteworthy and fast security benefits.

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