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How DNS Network Security License Blocks Mature Themed Sites

Digital security should be applied in layers, with top-to-bottom safeguards being a best practice. Consider using OpenDNS free license as an effective layer in your cybersecurity defense. We are always searching for a free and effective way to enhance the security of our network. At the same time, we want to protect our family from adult content such as pornography and violence. OpenDNS free license and other Domain Name System (DNS) service alternatives can do this.

OpenDNS free license is a DNS service provider that converts server and domain names into IP addresses. OpenDNS free license also provides phishing protection and web content filtering. OpenDNS free license categorizes and blocks known threats such as botnets, spyware, malware, and so forth. OpenDNS porn blocker has its paid options that bring extra capabilities, but there is also a free option that will most likely work similarly also.

Opendns Free

By using OpenDNS free license parental control program, you can control what content your kids can see when they log into the Web using any of their devices. And since OpenDNS free license is a cloud and DNS-based service, you need not configure these content settings for each device. You can simply set them up, and OpenDNS free license will apply it to all the devices used to access the Web.

Here is a drawback though. You will have to download and install an IP updater software before you can set up your network to use the complete OpenDNS free license parental control protection.

How does OpenDNS free license function?

When you click on a link in your email or web browser, the name of the server must be set out to a numeric IP address. This is done by means of the DNS. The DNS server you use must recognize requests for known malicious sites and return a warning message.

How effective is OpenDNS free license?

OpenDNS free license depends on having a list of known bad sites. But new domains and sites may not be blocked, the point that they are not yet categorized. OpenDNS free license doesn’t permit the blocking of unrated sites. It’s also possible OpenDNS free license will block a legitimate site now and then. Also, OpenDNS free license can’t secure against bare IP addresses that some malware utilizes as an endpoint to access content.

OpenDNS free license is not perfect. OpenDNS free license protections can be bypassed relatively easily. If someone has access to the router, they can simply change the DNS server settings.

It’s also important to understand that if configured on the router, the DNS servers are specific to the network. For instance, at home, your laptop may use the router’s DNS options, but if you take the laptop somewhere else, you will utilize the DNS servers provided by the local network.

You may use OpenDNS free license to block malicious/phishing sites at the very least. It’s a free service that you can just use as an additional layer of security.

But it is against the terms of service to use OpenDNS free license for the enterprise. Every enterprise related link is an up-sell to Cisco Umbrella service, which is more than just DNS filtering, and more expensive too.

Enter Comodo Dome

Comodo, the worldwide leader in cybersecurity solutions, provides complete DNS web filtering service solving the most advanced known and unknown malware threats. One of its cloud-delivered DNS web filtering service, the Comodo Dome, gives the best free DNS web filtering service and comprehensive domain filtering to cover security and category based rules.

Among DNS web filtering services, Comodo Dome is a type that you can easily integrate into your system and begin securing it against malicious domains. Comodo Dome authorizes company policies utilizing 70 different URL categories, covering more than 15 million domains.

Comodo Dome serves as the first line of defense to protect organizations’ data from web-borne threats and avoids the need for on-premise web gateway hardware. Having a powerful DNS web filtering service today, like Comodo Dome, that adjusts itself to your internet monitoring software will ensure that you are shielded from a security and legal stance and will enhance the productivity of your workforce.

To find more about DNS web filtering service, or request a free trial, connect with Comodo today, and you could be guaranteeing your network against malware and ransomware with a DNS web filtering service within seconds.

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