Make Web Security Simple By Using Free Secure Internet Gateway Software

Internet connection is made through an internet router. The internet router will normally use the DNS server the Internet Service Provider (ISP) uses. The ISP is the cable or phone company that you pay to connect to the web. You can take control of which DNS service and free Secure Internet Gateway software you use. What would this achieve, and for what reason would you use a free Secure Internet Gateway software?

Antivirus software can only detect known infections while it’s running. Also, it can't block content that, at the same time, isn’t proper for work, such as porn, violence, gambling, or social media.

Additionally, Malware can affect the whole business. And there are different viruses that that might prowl undetected, quietly taking data from you.

Free Secure Internet Gateway software will not prevent all of these, however having different layers of security brings down the hazard. You need free Secure Internet Gateway software, spam filter, antivirus, firewall, up-to-date software, regular reliable backups, and a mindful workforce.

By using a free Secure Internet Gateway software with a database of categorized websites, you can be safe. The free Secure Internet Gateway software ensures your network by just furnishing lookup requests with a valid IP address for safe sites, but returns a local IP address to deliver a block page for forbidden sites

No free Secure Internet Gateway software is safe to bypass – both appliance-based and cloud DNS filtering services can be bypassed. But you can find a way to restrict your end users’ capacity to get to illegal sites.

It’s time to set some firewall rules on your Internet gateway/router. You can block DNS requests to anything besides your approved DNS service and block all other DNS requests.

Filtering the DNS settings using a free Secure Internet Gateway software is one layer of added security for your network. By filtering DNS results, you can filter out undesirable sites. Free Secure Internet Gateway can be done on an individual device basis, or on your entire network by filtering at the router level.

Individual devices can each be set to use a particular free Secure Internet Gateway service. This is usually set through the main control panel or system preferences.

If you want to filter the whole network, you will change the settings on your network router. For most internet services, you have two separate devices connecting you to the web.  Your ISP provides the modem itself, this is what connects your home to the web. To associate your devices to the network, most people use a different router, which often also offers your wireless connection.

By changing the DNS settings on your router or device to point to a particular DNS server, all of your website requests will go through a specific server. Depending on how the server is designed, your site may be filtered at the server by the free Secure Internet Gateway software.

Comodo Dome Shield, a free Secure Internet Gateway software by the global leader in cybersecurity solutions, can control your PCs and mobile devices against malicious and inappropriate sites.

Cybercriminals use a variety of strategies to lure users into clicking links to malicious sites. But Comodo Dome Shield free Secure Internet Gateway software keep users and their devices  informed ahead of time from accessing what is and isn’t allowed.

Comodo Dome Shield free Secure Internet Gateway software are available for homes, businesses, and managed service providers. This free Secure Internet Gateway software remains free regardless of what number of users you have.

You can create your own block pages with customized messages, blacklists, whitelists and security rules to block web threats, and categories of websites. By changing your settings to Comodo Dome Shield free Secure Internet Gateway software’s DNS, you can have quicker internet access and protect data, such as credit card information, when used on public networks. Comodo Dome Shield free Secure Internet Gateway software are so easy to setup, you’ll be up and running within minutes.

Comodo Dome Shield free Secure Internet Gateway software is 100% cloud-based DNS infrastructure with real-time security updates that can protect against advanced threats like malware, phishing emails, botnets, spyware, and all web-borne attacks. By monitoring web transactions, you can generate custom reports or schedule reports delivered straight to your inbox, anytime and anywhere.

Get Comodo Dome Shield free secure DNS filtering software now! There is a huge comfort level realizing that Comodo is doing its job. Comodo Dome Shield free Secure Internet Gateway software is available at

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