What is Secure Internet Gateway?

A security Internet gateway is implemented to establish a secure connection to the Internet. It terminates unsecured traffic from entering and infecting the internal IT systems, networks and the websites from cyber attacks. This offers a first line of inspection and defense with core capabilities of Internet Secure Gateway by providing protection for all ports and protocols, file and proxy inspection and instant threat integration.

Complete Secure Internet Gateway Suite

Cloud Secure Web Gateway

  • Only Secure Web Gateway that can provide 100% protection against Zero-Day Malware and Advanced Threats.
  • Analyze and block Malicious Files using Gateway Anti-malware, Behavioral Analysis and Cloud Sandbox
  • Apply Company Web Access Policy using Content Filtering, per user, department, location, on and off network.
  • Block Phishing, C&C Callback, malicious websites and all web-borne Advanced Threats.

Cloud Data Loss Prevention

  • Monitor, alert and block sensitive data exfiltration over web and email traffic
  • Comply with PCI/DSS, HIPAA GLBA with few clicks

Cloud Antispam

  • Stop all spam, control unwanted email and get full visibility in mail traffic
  • Only Antispam Solution can provide 100% protection against Zero-Day Malware and Advanced Threats.

Cloud Firewall

  • Allow,Block or monitor traffic on all ports and protocols
  • Create client-to-site and site-to-site Virtual Private Networks (VPN)

Industry’s Best secure internet gateway in the cloud

We provide the industry’s best secure internet gateway in the cloud to curb down the entry of malware from accessing the internal networks. We enforce security solutions understanding the infrastructure of the internet to stay ahead and block the potential malware even before it establishes a malicious connection to attack the internal network.