We Can End Spam: How to Make Email Stop Sending Spam

Spoofing is where an email appears as though it was sent from an alternate domain. Spoofing is used for malicious purposes, as it misrepresents the true sender of the message. Your domain reputation is critical, so you have to know how to make email stop sending spam. If your domain is being used as the sending domain, this can be a negative mark against your domain quality.

Because of how email sending works, anybody can send a message showing the sender as some other domain. The sending email address doesn't need to be a working email address. But not every person knows how to make email stop sending spam. This simplicity of misrepresenting the genuine sender of email messages is the reason that high-quality email sending services ask you to confirm your ownership of your sending domain before you may send email messages.

The big problem is that it isn’t evident if your domain is being used for spoofing. Your domain may be used for distributing malware, phishing, and other illegal actions, and you would be unaware that it is occurring. So, you better know how to make email stop sending spam.

How to Make Email Stop Sending Spam: Is Your Domain Spoofed?

While there is no chance of preventing malicious individuals from marking any email address as a sending address, it is possible to distinguish how to make email stop sending spam email. This is done through Sender Policy Framework and DomainKeys Identified Mail DNS records. Afterward, you can enable Domain Message Authentication Reporting and Conformance on your domain.

  • How to Make Email Stop Sending Spam: Sender Policy Framework

SPF enables the owner of a domain to specify their mail sending policy. Innovation requires two sides to play together: 

(1) The domain owner publishes this data in an SPF record in the domain’s DNS zone. Another person’s mail server gets a message claiming to originate from that domain.

(2) Then, the receiving server can check whether the message agrees to the domain’s stated policy or if it can be viewed as a fake.

  • How to Make Email Stop Sending Spam: DomainKeys Identified Mail

DKIM appends another domain name identifier for a message and uses cryptographic systems to confirm authorization for its presence. The identifier is autonomous of any other identifier in the message.

  • How to Make Email Stop Sending Spam: Domain Message Authentication Reporting and Conformance 

DMARC is an email strategy, confirmation, and reporting protocol. It builds on the sent SPF and DKIM protocols. It adds links to the published policies for recipient handling of authentication failures, author domain name, and reporting from receivers to senders. This is to screen and improve the assurance of the domain from deceitful email.

How to Make Email Stop Sending Spam: Who Is Sending Spam Email From Your Domain?

Here are the means to take what you know about how to make email stop sending spam. The steps will whitelist the servers that you use to send your real email messages.

Add SPF records to the DNS you use for sending email messages. You have to include SPF records for email marketing, regular messages, and transactional sending.

Include DKIM records for the services where you added SPF records. Sign up for and activate free DMARC reports. You’ll have to add a text record to your domain indicating the DMARC requirements. 

The DMARC report will show the domains that have sent email messages implying to be from your domain. You’ll also see which domain has failed SPF, as well as DKIM validation. You should look at the DMARC report. If the services you use to send messages fail DKIM or SPF alignment, then correct your DKIM and SPF records.

How to Make Email Stop Sending Spam: Will They Stop Using My Domain?

As noted already, there is no means that we can prevent others from using our domain as the sending domain. But you now know how to make email stop sending spam. Using the instructions above, you can train email servers that you haven’t authorized, aside from those where you’ve added DKIM and SPF records, to send your email messages.

This means that most of the spam email messages will be sent to the recipient's spam or junk folder while not harming your domain quality. Still, to know that your email address can be used for sending spam email is alarming. It’s worth following the steps on how to make email stop sending spam to protect your domain.

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