Network Filtering Software: Essential in Today's SMEs

Network filtering software enables system administrators to block or control sites, especially those not business related. Blocking sites is the main reason system administrators install network filtering software. In an office, network filtering software free download has been always helpful. Aside from this, there are different advantages to using web filtering software.

Distracting web content has never been in such prominent supply. From e-commerce sites to social networking services, from discussion sites to video-sharing sites, employees can waste a whole day on online diversions. It's a grave concern for managers and the reason many enterprises invest in network filtering software. Managed service providers can make themselves more attractive by adding network filtering software to their portfolio.

Work is not all reading sales information, drafting marketing proposals, and conducting thorough research. Diligent employees also sneak in a fast sweep of their social media newsfeed or a bit of web surfing to take a break from the day's assignments. When sharing and watching files, the office network's bandwidth can become clogged, especially if there are employees notorious for downloading non-business media files.

As your business develops, so does the number of employees you hire. The amount of time they spend surfing the web also increases. Thus, the risk of malware invasions, security breaches, and countless dangers that can affect you increases. Your office network won't suffer from periodic slow internet connection, but in the long run, unrestricted network access will present genuine threats. It could lead to your small and medium-sized enterprise's demise.

If you've set network filtering software aside, the following will change your mind:

File Sharing

By applying network filtering software, system administrators can keep users from file sharing. This may include exchanged videos and music. Network filtering software helps you avoid spontaneous file sharing without copyright.


Installing a network filtering software in an enterprise improves worker efficiency. Take note of the sites that are not business related. Blocking gaming, social networking, or gambling sites can help improve efficiency. By installing network filtering software, businesses can expect more worker productivity.


The greater part of the network filtering software includes more security highlights to ensure your billing, password, and credit card information. Network filtering software guarantees that your identity stays secure.


The system administrators can block any site or class of sites. There are sites that fall into a blocked category. If a site is valuable, the system administrator will see through the setting, and the network filtering software will permit access.

Network filtering software, at that point, is significant from an enterprise standpoint. Network filtering software protects against malware while expanding productivity and builds network efficiency. What's more, it mitigates the danger of legal issues. Network filtering software is an absolute necessity if there will be issues of productivity or bandwidth. Specialists will maintain that granular control is important for MSPs. And when setting these strategies, MSPs must be careful. Organizational morale can take a plunge if employees believe they are controllable.

Links to inappropriate web content surround us wherever we are on the web. There are times that content is improper or malicious. Comodo Dome Shield DNS Filtering prevents your users from getting to such sites. Comodo Dome Shield DNS Filtering will act as a shield even on their mobile device.

Comodo Dome Shield DNS Filtering keeps your users productive. It will instill suitable and safe web browsing on or off the corporate system. Comodo Dome Shield DNS Filtering can create company-wide web browsing strategies. Now, your employees don't need to be specialists to guard the network from web-based dangers.

Blocking users from malicious and even efficiency-killing sites has never been simpler. The capacity to make granular web access policies per network and per device keeps you in charge.

There is an endpoint agent for roaming laptops, along with mobile applications. This means your users are secure even when they're on the road.

Comodo Dome Shield DNS filtering uses worldwide security information. Comodo Threat Intelligence Lab protects millions of endpoints and organizations around the world.

Comodo Dome Shield DNS filtering makes it easy to limit web browsing. It categorizes sites and security rules are set.

You get more than secure browsing — you get speedier browsing. Changing your DNS settings to Comodo Dome Shield DNS filtering will give you the best web access.

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