Do You Truly Need a Network Web Filter?

The web has turned into an amazing and significant asset. Individuals, as well as organizations, depend on network web filter software that filters your network using an assortment of features. It helps workers stay secure when communicating with bosses and co-workers in different corners of the world. But with the advantages come the disadvantages.

Do the disadvantages outweigh the advantages of a network web filter?

A network web filter has become a necessity in professional work environments. There are organizations that use the web for communication, research, and web-based solutions, and they will have to struggle to adapt without a network web filter. An organization can willingly give web access to its employees, but they must consider whether it will be beneficial for them or not. This is when they need to understand the positive aspects of a network web filter and how a network web filter will influence them.

A network web filter isn't always correct or exact. Sometimes, sites that have nothing to do with malicious content may get blocked. Unless the list of blocked sites is specific, the network web filter software may block any site. A network web filter can filter out whole categories of sites, for example, web-based email and video-sharing, music-sharing, and file-sharing sites. The system administrator in control can make changes to accommodate such sites. For instance, blocking video and music may obstruct a site that contains important information. Whitelisting the site may help your workers in a major way.

When a network web filter blocks all non-business related sites, it will have an impact. Many workers may see a network web filter as a sign of doubt, which may bring down their morale. A network web filter may also create tension in the employer and employee relationship.

It falls to the employer on how they will manage the situation. There are organizations that follow strict network web filter policies. Before executing a network web filter, organizations should discuss the choice with workers in order to limit negative responses.

A network web filter can block websites that employees browse for individual use. Many organizations don't consider this behaviour to be an issue, unless employees check it too often. These sites can affect efficiency and productivity and distract workers. It is a better option if bosses put in place a schedule to check individual accounts, for example, during rests or lunch hour.

Comodo Shield DNS Filtering ensures your clients. Even on their mobile devices, they are safe from getting to malicious or unproductive sites. Comodo Shield DNS Filtering keeps your clients productive. With protected and suitable web browsing, work is safe on or off the corporate network. It has the capacity to make far-reaching web browsing policies. Your workers don’t need to be specialists to protect the network from web threats.

There is no installation, no hardware required. Comodo Shield DNS Filtering is a load-balanced, Anycast DNS infrastructure that is facilitated in more than 25 countries. You can install policies and gain visibility per location, organization, and endpoint agent. Do domain filtering by custom blacklist or whitelist and more than 80 content categories.

Comodo Shield DNS Filtering gives insurance against cutting-edge dangers. You can block botnets, spyware, drive-by downloads, phishing, malware, and XSS-injected sites. You can also avoid anonymizers, cookie stealing, TOR, and encrypted files. There are also customizable block pages. They can show pages per location, category, and client.

Comodo Shield DNS Filtering gives ongoing cloud security updates. It uses the world's biggest threat intelligence. It is updated and ensures 600,000 organizations and 85 million endpoints. Comodo Shield DNS Filtering stops malicious IP responses and domain requests. It is a 100% cloud-based web security delivered at the DNS level.

Comodo Shield DNS Filtering gives customizable, real-time reporting. You can check web exchanges from anywhere. Get scheduled reports delivered to your inbox. Also, create custom reports using simple widgets. It can do multi-office and roaming user protection. Cover all your clients, regardless of where they are, on any device, anywhere.

Comodo Shield DNS Filtering also provides off-network assurance. It ensures users and authorizes web access policies even if they are off-network. Comodo Shield DNS Filtering supports Android and iOS applications. It protects mobile devices across 2G, 3G, 4G, LTE cellular networks, and Wi-Fi.

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