Know The Distinction Between A Proxy Server vs Gateway

Both a proxy server vs gateway course traffic from inside a network to the Web. A proxy server, however, acts like a divider that bars the inside of the network from being presented to the Web. While a gateway is similar to a door to get to the Web. A proxy server filters which connection is permitted, while a gateway doesn't do any filtering.

Proxy Server vs Gateway Explained: Boundary

Any user attempting to access any PC inside a network with a proxy server will only see the IP address of the proxy server. A proxy server acts as a boundary.  It conceals the network by configuring the Web options of PCs to initially point to the proxy server before going out to the Web. It keeps PCs inside the network anonymously.

Proxy Server vs Gateway Explained: Application-Level

A proxy server is an application layer service that accepts connections directly from a web browser.  It gets the ideal URL given by the customer and then it visits the webpage. The proxy server pulls back the majority of the HTML and related files that make up the web request and then hands it back to the web browser.  If there is one PC that has both a local network connection and direct web access, the proxy software makes it workable for different PCs to get to the Web.

In some organizations, a proxy server is a tool to block certain sites and malware scanning of content recovered from sites.

Proxy Server vs Gateway Explained: Portal

For two networks to communicate, a gateway must be provided for each network. The gateway defines what is internal and external to the network. If a  PC needs to communicate with another PC outside the network, it must be configured with a gateway to obtain access outside the network. Without a gateway, a  PC will be unable to get out.

Proxy Server vs Gateway Explained: Router

A gateway is generally a router that gives access to another network. Most people in the world have simple networks, with a single router, and a single foreign network which is the Web. In these cases, the router is the gateway to the Web.

Proxy Server vs Gateway Explained: Blocking Sites

A proxy server can block sites by diverting the web requests to a site internal to the network. Network administrators can configure certain sites to be blocked constantly or during work hours. Accessing any of those blocked sites will redirect you to a custom page stating that you are getting a blocked site. A gateway can’t block sites. As long as the gateway settings in the PC are configured appropriately, you can access any site from the network to the Web.

Proxy Server vs Gateway Explained: Useful Differences

A proxy server that does not do any filtering resembles a gateway. It is simply passing on requests from the PC to the Web. A proxy server, however, is a more dominant networking component. It can act as a gateway while shielding the network from outside dangers. A gateway always risks uncovering an internal network to the Web since it does no filtering. It simply courses data from inside the network to the outside.

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