A Proactive Approach Is Key To A Secure DNS

All great IT administrators know that keeping up a secure DNS and productive computing environment means considering and implementing security at numerous levels. Every organization needs a working and a secure DNS system to allow proper routing of traffic and to maintain everything from email systems to websites.

DNS is the address book for the whole web. A secure DNS Server includes an additional level of security to this procedure. It will look up websites and Internet addresses, but before giving the result, it will check that each IP address is of good or bad reputation - such that if the site is regarded clean then your computer is given the IP address. If a webpage is one that you'd most likely be happy not to visit, then the DNS server will divert you to a safe web page which will tell you why you are there.

A secure DNS decreases the danger of accidentally browsing to an unwanted website that might install malware on your PC. Thus, through a protected computer, you are very likely to experience decreased downtime and lost productivity and also less time to fix a machine.

However, most network administrators do not prioritize having a secure DNS service. For this reason, DNS servers became attack vectors for cybercriminals. This security challenge is made more intense by the way that malware can utilize DNS as a way to communicate with malicious domains on the web.

The security challenges a secure DNS plays in networks are many and varied. Some of the most important are:

  • Experience has shown that conventional network security methods are ineffective against DNS attacks. Products such as generic Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS), deep packet inspection, and load balancers don’t account for the threats and thus may not be a complete answer like a secure DNS.

  • IT administrators are familiar with working with a scope of various security advancements that address particular requirements, however, they tend not to work well together or share data. The growing sophistication of DNS attacks means it is no longer adequate to use such systems for protection.

In light of these security challenges being faced by organizations, it is vital that organizations take a proactive approach to secure DNS from attacks. Each organization should ensure their secure DNS guarantees visibility, assurance, and fast reaction to occurrences of attacks.

As an ideal solution, one of the most recommended and secure DNS is Comodo SecureDNS.

Comodo SecureDNS is a domain name resolution service that resolves DNS requests through a global network of DNS servers. Comodo Secure DNS's server infrastructure uses strategically placed nodes located at the most optimal crossing points on the Web which means that regardless of where you are situated on the world, your DNS requests are answered resulting in information becoming available faster than ever before.

As a leading provider of computer security solutions, Comodo is vigilant of the risks that plague the web today. SecureDNS references a real-time block list (RBL) of harmful sites. The service will caution users whenever there is an attempt to get to a site containing possibly threatening content.

Use Comodo SecureDNS now so your networks or applications on which your organization depends will stay secure and operational even when faced with a continually changing threat scene.

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