Secure Internet Gateway

Secure Internet Gateway (SIG) was initially developed for bandwidth and access controls, they’ve been adapted for a different purpose to assist with threat protection.

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Secure Internet Gateway
Secure Network Gateway

Secure Internet Gateway (SIG) protects the internet by establishing a secure connection. It delivers protection to the IT networks, websites, systems, etc. This delivers on-the-go protection to the internet. Secure Internet gateway is a cloud-delivered internet gateway and provides secure user access.

Secure Gateway Definition

Secure Internet Gateway Definition

A secure Internet gateway is a security solution that delivers protection to the internet network by preventing unauthorized traffic to enter the organization’s internal network. It is deployed by enterprises to provide security to their users from getting infected by malicious internet traffic, suspicious websites or malware. It also enables to follow compliance of the organization's policies and regulations.

What is Gateway

What is Gateway in networking?

A gateway is a router which is a halting point for data that comes in and goes out of the computer network. Gateway has made communication easy to send and receive data across networks. Gateway is the prime component and without it, internet would not have been of any use.

Importance of Secure Internet Gateway

Importance of Secure Internet Gateway

A Secure Internet Gateway is predominently deployed to monitor, track and protect the internet network by preventing suspicious traffic and data from coming in and going out of the corporate network.

A secure web gateway is primarily used to monitor and prevent malicious traffic and data from entering, or even leaving, an organization’s network. It is deployed through gateway device/hardware/application implementing on the borders of the network obstruct current and future threats over all ports and protocols. It terminates access to malicious domains, IPs, URLs, and files even before establishing a connection or downloading a file. Secure Internet Gateway features URL filtering, application level control, data leakage prevention, malware code detection.

Secure Internet Gateway Software

The Best Secure Internet Gateway Software

Comodo Dome Secure Internet Gateway offers a security suite with functionalities to detect and obstruct any kind of malware activity from entering the network without creating any impact on the user experience and other normal operations of the computer.

Comodo Dome implements the Default Deny approach through auto-containment technology, and ensures prevention mechanism by analysing the unknown or suspicious files even before they are delivered to the users. It is comprehensive, flexible, end-user friendly and easy to set up.

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