Secure Web Gateway VS Next-Generation Firewall: Is It Recommended To Have One Behind The Other?

While there is popular know-how about whatever's trendy in the business networking world, there can be a distinction between a secure web gateway vs next-generation firewall. The secure web gateway is more of a content filter and reporting system. Most next-generation firewalls do security great, but the content filtering and application control are missing compared to a secure web gateway solution. Cybersecurity solution providers package and license content filtering besides different modules so they would now be able to consider their secure web gateway vs next-generation firewall.

Is next-generation firewall a firewall with a subset of UTM highlights?

The drawback of a secure web gateway vs next-generation firewall is that few out of every component is essentially best-of-breed. The next-generation firewall has some web filtering capacity but secure web gateway has significantly more functionality and reporting choices. Having a secure web gateway can include the advantage of traffic assessment from other anti-malware suppliers. Authentication is additionally a bonus, as you can distinguish user/traffic behavior as opposed to simply traffic/source IP. It gives you more granularity around what converse with the Web, and to what on the Web.

Where to focus?

A secure web gateway’s focus ought to identify users and authenticating and recording all web access. Many will also investigate traffic and apply threat management protocols.

But secure web gateway vs next-generation firewall should have strong reporting platforms, enabling you to see who is doing what on the Web.

A next-generation firewall focus is different. It's built around recognizing and securing traffic, usually with an application-driven interest. The threat prevention solution is an absolute necessity of a next-generation firewall. The greater part of them will also fill in as a secure web gateway. So a next-generation firewall feature set is typically a superset of the secure web gateway feature set.

Whose reporting is it anyway?

Next-generation firewall often needs reporting around the secure web gateway solution. They might be good at reporting traffic volumes by application and security incidents, but they’re not extraordinary at reporting user/web browsing.

The contention is that secure web gateway vs next-generation firewall reporting on user web browsing is definitely not a next-generation firewall feature. But if you're changing from a secure web gateway to a next-generation firewall, be prepared to lose visibility on user behavior.

There’s a general pattern far from granular monitoring of sites visited, which is good. But if you have an HR division that needs to realize who is looking at what, the data is hard to report on utilizing a secure web gateway vs next-generation firewall only. You may need to look into third party solutions.

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