Cloud Based Secure Web Gateway

Complete web content security and control, regardless of user, device or location. Scans all inbound and outbound traffic in real time to ensure 100% protection from the latest threats as well as strict compliance with corporate policies even off network.

  • Solve the Malware Problem at the gateway.
  • 100% Protection against unknown threats by Portable Containment and Cloud Sandbox.
  • Real-time Behavioral Malware Analysis for all inbound traffic even including your personal Comodo Analyst.
  • Block Phishing, C&C and Malicious sites using World's biggest crowd sourced threat intelligence.
  • Enforce and apply company web content policy including URL filtering, File Type Blocking, Safe Search Enforcement and more.
  • Secure multiple locations and off- network users.

Last year alone, we unrevealed 300 million unknown threats and inspected 73 billion files! everyday, we solve the malware problem for 85 million endpoints and 600,000 corporations

Web Security Problem:

Even an advanced web or email content filter with more than 100,000 security updates a day is still going to be hopelessly outmatched against customized malware variants. Unknown malicious files will still be allowed carte blanche access to sensitive environments in even the best default allow ecosystems. Our modular Dome Cloud Security Platform with unknown file containment and rapid verdict rendering simply makes more sense.

Comodo Advanced

Sandboxing is becoming a commonplace security strategy, but it typically hinders business productivity by isolating unknown and suspect files in a state where they cannot be used until after a thorough analysis is complete. Comodo’s unique containment technology is radically different. While Valkyrie analyzes unknown files, users are free to open, execute and use the files with ZERO risk of infection. Comodo’s containment technology is agentless, extremely lightweight, has no CPU dependencies and is application-agnostic.

Web Security
with a Difference

Comodo Dome radically shifts protection from the standard default-allow to our unique Default Deny Platform still allowing uninterrupted business productivity while protecting your users from advanced targeted attacks. Comodo’s patent-pending containment combined with Valkyrie, our cloud-based platform, renders verdicts within 30 seconds, affording Comodo Dome customers automatic protection from any and all new and unknown payloads without the need to rely on signatures or outdated file-type blocking.

Cloud-Based Boundary

Prevent all known and unknown threats

Comodo Dome Secure Web Gateway sits in line between your users and the internet, protecting your enterprise from the latest cyber threats, while ensuring compliance with corporate content and access policies. You can now block web-delivered malware while monitoring your networks, user activity, mobile users and roaming devices from a single management console. Our proprietary portable containment technology eliminates the risk and time spent on remediation, as Dome Secure Web Gateway instantly blocks all malware while wrapping all unknown files in a lightweight, portable container before delivering them to the endpoint

  • 100% Protection against Unknown Threats with Portable Containment
  • Integrated Cloud Sandbox
  • Static and Behavioral File Analysis at the Gateway for all inbound traffic
  • Real-time analysis by Comodo Threat Research Lab Analyst Team for further inspection for risky traffic analysis
  • World's biggest crowd-sourced Threat Intelligence Database feeded from more than 100.000.000 sensors worldwide.
  • Protection against Phishing, C&C Callbacks and all malicious domains
  • Identify and block Spyware, Drive-by Downloads, Browser Exploits, access to XSS injected websites and much more.

Easy to Implement
without Large Upfront Investments

Dome Secure Web Gateway uses a Zero CAPEX security model, freeing up those resources for use elsewhere. It enables streamlined compliance and productivity control and features a true Default Deny Security Posture.

  • No Hardware. No Installation. No CAPEX
  • 100% Cloud Based Saas
  • Highly Available, Load Balanced and Geo-Distributed with Zero Downtime
  • Auto-Scalable and fully flexible proxy Infrastructure
  • Complies with EU and US data retention laws
  • "Host it Yourself" License Available!

Advanced Protection
in the Cloud Era

Apply Corporate Web Access Policies, on and off network

There is an enormous migration underway. With storage, business applications and services all moving to the cloud, the traditional approach of installing a large centralized web security gateway device and then backhauling all of your traffic from remote offices, devices and users has quickly become exceptionally cumbersome if not obsolete. It makes far more sense to forward traffic to a centralized cloud platform that can provide protection regardless of network origin and destination.

  • User, Group, Department, Active Directory and Location based granular Web Access Policy Management
  • URL Filtering with 80+ categories, black/whitelisting and Safe Search Enforcement
  • True File Type blocking based on source, category and file type.
  • Cover Roaming Users with Dome Agent regardless of where they are connecting the internet from.
  • Apply Policies to Multiple Locations.


Learn all the features delivered with Comodo Dome Secure Web Gateway.
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Features Hosted Cloud
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Customer Hosted Cloud
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No Hardware No Installation
100% Cloud Based, load balanced, geo-distributed, highly available cloud infrastructure.
Granular Policy Management and Visibility
Per User, Group, Location, Site and Roaming Users. Plus, easily integrates with Active Directory and SAML.
URL and Content Filtering
80+ Categories, Custom Black/Whitelists, Safesearch Enforcement, Country based Blocking, Hash based Blocking.
File Type Control
Granular File Type Control rules per True File Type, Hash, Source and Category
Inline Advanced Threat Protection
Block Phishing, Malware, Botnet, C&C Callback, Spyware, Drive-by Downloads, XSS-injected websites, Cookie Stealing, Anonymizers, TOR, encrpyted files and all web-borne attacks
Inline Static and Behavioral Analysis, Cloud Sandbox
Analyzing all inbound traffic with Valkyrie and dedicated Comodo Malware Analyst.In-depth Malware Analysis Reports.
Inline Antimalware & Antispyware
World's biggest malware signature base protecting 85 Million endpoints and 600.000 businesses.
Patented Portable Containment Technology ©
100% Protection against Unknown Malware and Zero Day Attacks, solving the Malware Problem at the Gateway!
SSL Inspection
Inline inspection of encrypted traffic, threat prevention and content filtering
Real-Time and Fully Customizable Reporting
Monitor web transactions from anywhere, create scheduled reports in your mailbox and generate custom reports using simple widgets.
Traffic Forwarding
Simple Traffic Forwarding Agent, Proxy Chaining, ICAP, PAC Files.
Multi Office, Location and Roaming User Protection
We can cover all your offices and roaming users with ease!
Web Data Loss Prevention
Stop exfiltration of sensitive data over web traffic.
24x7 Phone, Chat and Email based Support
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Comodo Dome Secure Web Gateway is a revolutionary SaaS boundary protection platform that enables you to protect any user, on any device, in any location, all without installing and hardware or software.

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Comodo Dome Secure Web Gateway is a revolutionary SaaS boundary protection platform that enables you to protect any user, on any device, in any location, all without installing and hardware or software.

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