• Comodo Dome Shield is a Cloud Delivered DNS Based Security as a-Service (SaaS) solution that provides comprehensive domain filtering and granular policies that cover security and category based rules.

    Easiest way to block Malicious and risky web access and apply company web browsing policy.Simple yet extremely effective DNS based security for your company.

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  • Comodo Dome Shield is a DNS based security SaaS solution that you can integrate within seconds and start securing your network against malicious domains. Dome Shield lets you create location and agent based security rules for blocking malware, phishing, botnet, fraud sites and enforce company policies using 70 different URL Categories covering more than 15 million domains.Dome Shield helps you to get full visibility of everything happening on your Dome Shield connected permiter.

Dome Shield

  • Base URL Filtering by category database
  • Malware Site Protection
  • Phishing and Fraud Sites Protection
  • Block Anonymous Proxies
  • Roaming Endpoint Agent
  • Domain Blacklisting and Whitelisting
  • Location Based Configuration
  • No Hardware No Install
  • Detailed and Customizable Reporting