• Web Security Problem: Solved.

    Comodo Dome radically shifts protection from the standard default-allow to our unique Default Deny Platform still allowing uninterrupted business productivity while protecting your users from advanced targeted attacks. Comodo's patent-pending containment combined with Valkyrie, our cloud-based platform, renders verdicts within 30 seconds, affording Comodo Dome customers automatic protection from any and all new and unknown payloads without the need to rely on signatures or outdated file-type blocking.


    Sophisticated and highly customized attacks are becoming the norm, not the exception and are being aimed directly at inadequately protected end points inside – and more importantly – outside the corporate network where protection levels are almost uniformly lower. Adding Comodo Dome between your existing infrastructure and the internet couldn't be easier — simply make Dome your next hop to the Internet. As a cloud-based solution, there's no hardware appliances or headaches, and in minutes you'll have added the bulletproof layer of security and compliance that you've been missing.

Dome SME

Security Features
  • Valkyrie Cloud-Based Sandbox and File Verdict Platform
  • Automated unknown File Containment
  • Utilizing Comodo's Patent-Pending Portable Containment Technology
  • Real-time Synchronization with Comodo Threat Research Labs Intelligence
  • Static, Dynamic and Human Malicious File Analysis
  • Botnet Protection
  • Phishing Protection
  • Unique knowledge of known good and known bad software publishers and applications for auto-whitelisting
Traffic Forwarding Methods
  • Explicit Proxy
  • PAC Files
  • ICAP
  • Proxy Chaining
  • Comodo Dome Agent
Advanced Policy Controls
  • URL Filtering by category
  • 15+ million domains
  • Custom Categories
  • Location Based Configuration
  • User/Group Based Policies
  • Endpoint Sandbox Controls
  • Domain Blacklisting and Whitelisting
System Features
  • No Hardware No Install
  • Active Directory, NTLM, Kerberos Integration
  • Hosted Database Support
  • HTTP and HTTPS Support
  • In-depth malware analysis reports
  • Detailed user and group reports
  • Scheduled reporting
  • Customizable dashboards