Control And Secure Your Network With A UTM Appliance

Cybersecurity firms know about the requirements of the small company and have created streamlined solutions to common security issues they confront. One of the most useful of these is called unified threat management appliance (UTM appliance).

In the late 1990s, firewall innovation was critical for checking and controlling incoming and outgoing network traffic. By the mid-2000s, cybersecurity specialists were understanding that small organizations had needs that far stripped the abilities of most firewall software.

UTM appliance was a natural outgrowth of firewall software. Instead of driving organizations to depend on patchwork solutions that may not totally cover the necessities of a business, the UTM appliance is designed to be an exhaustive cybersecurity solution, that ensures organizations with only one software program, or a small well-integrated suite of them.

The list of dangers a UTM appliance shield against varies from item to item, but most UTM appliance include:

  • Virtual appliance firewall
  • Gateway anti-spam and anti-virus
  • Network intrusion protection
  • Protected VPN

Because the UTM appliance is only one bundle,  the UTM appliance is easy to implement at most organizations. Also, the UTM appliance is typically very easy to utilize, even for individuals with little cybersecurity knowledge.

A large number of small and mid-size organizations succumb to cyberattacks and hacking attempts due to the assumption that huge numbers of them have poor network security.

The business will most likely be unable to bear the cost of dedicated IT staff, but UTM appliance, provided by a managed IT service provider, solves regular cybersecurity vulnerabilities. Not only is a UTM appliance well inside the value scope of most small businesses, but the organization can't afford not to have one.

The business' online condition is notable for being host to endless dangers that want to take the information of organizations. Issues such as viruses, malware, and spyware, consistently present massive dangers to not just the network infrastructure as well as to the financial plan too. Delicate data that are stolen can crush the business under the weight of heavy compliance fines, while also demolishing its reputation for being a reliable organization.

In this manner, it's extremely important to take immediate action to secure the business's network. The best way to fight back against the majority of the dangers that are out there is to fuse world-class security solutions. This is the reason why a UTM appliance, that is intended to eliminate the majority of threats the business may confront, is an unquestionable requirement for any organization hoping to fix down the lids.

Network security is equally vital for organizations of all sizes. Guaranteeing that the foundation stays firm is one of the most essential tasks in managing a business. You don't need to do it alone, though. There are enterprise-level tools available that can give small companies the same security standards as bigger organizations, and everything begins with a UTM appliance.

In the event that you believe you require an IT counsel to assess the strength of your current network firewall security, then contact Comodo, a worldwide innovator and developer of cybersecurity solutions and the global pioneer in digital certificates.

Comodo released Comodo Dome Firewall 2.0, an all-in-one Unified Threat Management (UTM) virtual appliance, which provides a far-reaching suite of boundary and network security features, installed on-premises and free of charge.

Comodo Dome Firewall 2.0 consolidates the features and administration of traditionally divided point solutions inside a unified dashboard, providing IT managers and teams with visibility and control.

Comodo Dome Firewall 2.0 is the only free UTM solution globally that meets the Common Criteria (CC) EAL 4+ certification, showing that it meets an agreed-upon international information security standard for governments. CC EAL 4+ certification guarantees clients that Comodo Dome Firewall 2.0 has confirmed by an unbiased, third-party research center. CC certifications are commonly recognized by 26 countries.

Comodo Dome Firewall 2.0 Virtual Appliance is a fundamental layer of the Comodo Dome Security-as-a-Service (SECaaS) product family. Comodo provides paid offerings with extra security for clients who need to extend their insurance. Clients can settle on full security web gateway functionality with portable file containment, an anti-spam gateway, data loss prevention, and different highlights.

Speak to a qualified IT advisor and network security expert for information on the best way to get the correct firewall set up for your enterprise. For more information, visit Stay up with the most recent Comodo News from the Comodo blog at and on Twitter @ComodoNews. Connect with Comodo on LinkedIn at