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Can You Trust A Virtual Proxy Browser To Keep Your Surfing Anonymous?

One such way of keeping your browsing history is by using a virtual proxy browser. A virtual proxy browser will act as a filter for your web. When a person is making use of a virtual proxy browser, the IP of the proxy server is visible. As a result, your original IP remains a secret. Hence, nobody can reach your delicate and important information. You can now use the web without limitations and with complete anonymity by means of a virtual proxy browser.

A virtual proxy browser changes the client's IP address without online activity encryption. In this way, it enables the client to surf the web with complete privacy and security. It also makes difficult for the trackers to follow your data by means of your browsing history.

The virtual proxy browser also enables the clients to access the sites that are blocked by particular systems such as educational institutions and companies. The virtual proxy browser can also enable the organizations to save bandwidth, particularly when thousands of workers access heavy sites.

Everybody fears being followed by a hacker or by a malicious site having viruses. A virtual proxy browser solves these issues. The virtual proxy browser gives security to its client by blocking the access of malicious sites. That offers the client safe and unknown surfing.

A virtual proxy browser work by disguising your identity. It acts as an intermediary server between your PC’s online request, that will initially go to the proxy server, and your desired site. The requests are afterward continued to the web source.

Similarly, the response from the web will reach the relay, after which it gets coordinated to your PC. The virtual proxy browser increases the security by hiding your original IP address. The virtual proxy browser diverts your online trafficking to public servers and addresses that can get to any blocked site.

The virtual proxy browser can also compress online traffic, cache files, and even promotions from the sites before giving you access. Unfortunately, there is some virtual proxy browser that is known for taking your information. This kind of virtual proxy browser also checks your activities and tracks you. Therefore, you should be very careful in choosing a virtual proxy browser.

A virtual proxy browser expects to give privacy to the client. You can consider these criteria if using a virtual proxy browser is appropriate for you:

  1. The pace while searching through a virtual proxy browser is slower than the standard. Commonly, the best virtual proxy browser is provided with nominal speed.
  2. A secure virtual proxy browser actually connects between your device and your desired websites. It courses your data to various servers that are accessible worldwide and make use of different IP address.
  3. Some of the virtual proxy browsers are available for free.
  4. If you want to disguise yourself, then a virtual proxy browser is sufficient. However, for surfing anonymously with the most ideal privacy, a VPN service is a more effective alternative.
  5. A virtual proxy browser can just change your IP address without encoding the internet traffic. Therefore, there is still a chance to be observed by your ISP. But a VPN encrypts your web traffic. Thus, even your ISP can’t follow you.
  6. A virtual proxy browser can only filter and control the internet traffic that generates from the browser utilizing the proxy. On the other side, VPNs are intended for the entire device. These can be effective for databases and other non-web browser activities.
  7. A virtual proxy browser is limited to the browser. So, they must be restarted again if the browser is closed. On the contrary, VPNs are designed differently. When the PC is turned on or the previous VPN disconnects, the VPN service automatically connects you to the server.

To surf the web without exposing your original identity is the greatest desire of everyone. One can get irritated when he tries to visit an important site and find it prohibited. Comodo Dome streamlines the administration of network security by delivering a single interface for controlling VPN and proxy servers.

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