Simple And Powerful Web Filter Virtual Appliance Can Be Easily Managed

Web filter virtual appliance makes deployment instantaneous, while at the same time reducing costs. The web filter virtual appliance became popular for network security, backup, storage networking, and file service because of this formula. By utilizing open source solutions, a web filter virtual appliance can be totally free.

With the rise in popularity of virtualization and server consolidation, IT experts have different alternatives, with few drawbacks. Even when the software is proprietary, a web filter virtual appliance costs not as much as a physical hardware appliance.

Web Filter Virtual Appliance

And then there are all the other advantages of virtualization: The capacity to run multiple web filter virtual appliance on a single server, the ability to relocate web filter virtual appliance from one server to another, and the ability to backup a web filter virtual appliance almost instantly. These capacities play well in disaster recovery and business continuity and help make virtual appliances an unquestionable requirement for businesses.

A virtual appliance is a virtual machine image file comprising of a pre-configured operating system environment and a single application. The purpose of a virtual appliance is to improve and simplify the delivery and operation of an application.

Before jumping into the world of virtual appliances, there is no better way to analyze them with a web filter virtual appliance that is free to use and meet unique issues in an enterprise.

The web filter virtual appliance must be simple and powerful for HTTP and HTTPS traffic. The web filter virtual appliance must prevent access to different classes of sites, blocks resources with explicit content, removes irritating advertisements, and controls file downloads.

You have to choose a web filter virtual appliance that filter URLs and do a profound content inspection of encrypted HTTPS traffic. This is paramount in order to protect the network and keep the employees from accidentally compromising cybersecurity.

A web filter virtual appliance should perform a deep content assessment of sites and blocks links to questionable content. General purpose sites are filtered too, and all wrong content is blocked and definition files with classifications must be frequently updated.

With a web filter virtual appliance, you can build extensive reports that include visited and blocked sites, user activities, and used bandwidth. You can also save reports locally or send them by email.

Some web filter virtual appliance lets you sort out proxy users into groups based on IP addresses with their own exceptions and blocking rules.

Through web filter virtual appliance, you can oversee browsing policies based on security group membership and prohibit access to questionable and risky sites during working hours.

Also, filter web browsing on your home network using a web filter virtual appliance easily. Assign labels to your kids’ desktops, cell phones, and game consoles.

Comodo, a worldwide leader in digital certificates and global innovator and developer of cybersecurity solutions released the Comodo Dome Firewall, an all-in-one Unified Threat Management (UTM) virtual appliance, which provides a far-reaching suite of boundary and network security features, installed on-premises, and free of charge.

Comodo Dome Firewall streamlines the administration of network security by delivering a single interface for controlling firewall policy, antivirus, intrusion prevention, website filtering, traffic monitoring, VPN, and proxy servers.

Comodo Dome Firewall likewise includes configurable notifications and an informative dashboard which offers an encompassing view of all major security settings and network events.

Simply associate Comodo Dome Firewall virtual appliance to your network and use a single interface to arrange your whole network's security. Comodo Dome Firewall costs a small amount and consumes less power. With just one product to learn, technical workforce will be more productive, effective, and proficient.

You can manage multiple Comodo Dome Firewall virtual appliances remotely using Dome Firewall Central Manager. The central manager enables you to facilitate firewall security policy for numerous systems and clients from a single centralized console.

Comodo Dome Firewall virtual appliance is a base-level tier of the Comodo Dome Security-as-a-Service (SECaaS) product family, which likewise includes free Dome Shield, a DNS - and cloud-based web security offering. Comodo provides extra security for clients who need protection to meet the latest generation of risks and threats. Customers can decide on full security web gateway functionality with portable file containment, an antispam gateway, data loss prevention, and different highlights.

Comodo Dome Firewall virtual appliance is available for both enterprise and MSP customers. For more insights about how to utilize Comodo Dome Firewall virtual appliance, see the online administrator guide at