Web Filtering

How Web Filter Solutions Can Help Your Company

Before programmers designed web filter solutions, it was sufficient to use a firewall to block certain sites from being accessed. This strategy did not offer deep packet inspection and just filtered Internet access based on a domain name.

Modern web filter solutions scan more than the domain name. It can separate and break down web traffic making web filter solutions capable to pinpoint parts of a web page (e.g. popup-blockers, flashing content, advertisements) which should not be allowed into the internal network. It may have different reasons for blocking a particular part: faster performance, improved security, enhanced privacy, lower bandwidth charges, as well as many others.

There are certain websites that are presently a mix of content that is amassed from different sites. This situation adds complexity to filtering websites based on domain names alone. Effective web filter solutions will judge incoming web data based on its content and not its source alone. The system will identify and filter out malicious content that is smuggled into trusted sites, thus ensuring the security of the internal network.

Secure DNS

Companies can be at risk for any misuse or tampering by insiders in their internal networks and servers. One single user’s actions can cause legal problems if his activities are not checked. Pornography at work and downloading of copyrighted materials are a real and risky threat.

If good web filter solutions are set up, an organization is protected against this sort of risk. The accessing of non-work related websites results in hours of wasted time and a compromised IT infrastructure. To protect yourself and your business, you should have an effective internet usage policy. Web filter solutions are part of this.

Legitimate data should still fall through the filter. This implies that a requested web page with some prohibited content will still load, however with a few bits missing. This will allow the user to get the parts of the web page that are needed while staying protected.

Having web filter solutions in place can guarantee that your data is protected. There are software available on the market that allow you to filter websites which you do not want your employees to get to. It will not only keep the data of the company secure but can also diminish the risk of any virus attack on systems.

Comodo Dome Shield is a cloud-delivered DNS-based Security-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution that gives comprehensive domain filtering ti cover security and category based rules. Among web filter solutions, the Comodo Dome Shield is a type that you can integrate into your system within seconds and begin securing it against malicious domains. Comodo Dome Shield lets you create location and agent-based security rules for blocking malicious sites, and authorize company policies utilizing 70 different URL categories covering more than 15 million domains.

Comodo Dome Shield serves as the first line of defense to protect enterprises’ data and individuals from web-borne threats and avoids the need for on-premise web gateway hardware.

Comodo, the worldwide leader in cybersecurity solutions, provides complete web filter solutions solving the most advanced known and unknown malware threats.

Having a powerful web filter solution today, like Comodo Dome Shield, that adjust itself to your internet monitoring software will ensure that you are shielded from a security and legal stance and will enhance the productivity of your workforce.

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