Secure Web Gateway Definition

Secure Web gateway solutions protect users' PCs from infection by filtering out the unwanted/suspicious malware from Web/Internet traffic initiated from the users' end while they are connected to the internet with strict policies enforced.

What is Secure Web Gateway?

Secure Web Gateway is a security solution that denies unsecured/suspicious web traffic from entering or leaving an internal corporate network of an organization. Enterprises deploy Secure Web Gateway to secure their employees from getting infected by malware-infected web traffic to fight against threats originating from the Internet. It also enables organizations to be compliant with the regulatory policy of the organization. It features URL filtering, data leakage prevention, virus/malware code detection and application level control.

Features of Comodo Dome Secure Web Gateway

Comodo Dome Secure Web Gateway empowers organization with a set of security capabilities to determine and terminate any kind of malware interference on the users' system, while it does not affect the user experience and ensures no system downtime.

Following are the features of Comodo Dome Secure Web Gateway

Content and URL Filtering - Provides hash-based blocking, safe-search platform and country-based blocking and custom black/whitelists.

Cloud-based Infrastructure - Hardware or installation is not required with 100% load-balanced, geo-distributed cloud-infrastructure.

Granular-level File Type Control - helps to provide file-based control rules in relevance to the hash, source, and category.

Advanced Threat Protection - Provides complete protection by blocking botnets, malware, C&C callback events, spyware, cookie stealing, C&C callback events and such.

Behavioral Analysis - Deploys a cloud-based malware analysis through a dedicated malware analyzing system called the Valkyrie.

Containment Technology - Ensures that unknown files are restricted and contained in a virtual environment, from accessing the resources of the host system, until the verdict about the file is known from the malware analyzing system.

SSL Inspection - Ensure content filtering and inspects the encrypted traffic.

Web Data Loss Prevention - Terminates any illicit transfer of confidential data from the users’ system.

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Key capabilities of Secure Web Gateway

  • There is a consistent and rapid advancement in threats that cause the changes in security defense techniques and strategies. One such advancement is Secure Web Gateway.
  • Comodo Dome is one such security solution developed by IT security experts to deny every kind of threat and enable organizations to practice strict compliance with policies.

The key capabilities of CDome are

  • User-friendly
  • Easy to set up
  • Flexible
  • Comprehensive

How does Secure Website Gateway work

Secure Web Gateway (SWG) technology is feature-rich and it integrates anti-malware, bandwidth management, URL filtering, web content inspection, application control and caching capabilities, to protect, oversee and manage 2.0 traffic. The SWG technology is framed to protect the organization’s network against the possible malware threats arising from Internet browsing.

Real-time detection is a key feature that helps to analyze the traffic coming from various geographical areas through specific sensors to fend off the malicious traffic. This is more effective with consistent and immediate updates of virus definitions and URL databases.

Web content Inspection - This feature examines the traffic in real time to verify if the content works against the policies. The content is blocked if it is found inappropriate and suspicious and if it does not fall compliant with the policies.

Time-based access - This helps to manage access to specific content types within a specific scheduled time. A specific time frame is allotted for individual users to enable maximum limit of policy flexibility.

Flexible policy development - Ready to use policy templates, assists users with user level control to access web content and services giving the ability to develop acceptable-use policies.

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